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    2023 Target List

    💯 agree. You’re gonna hit and miss. But It’s really all about how they fit into this system anyway. Can’t wait to see JJJ, Nk and squad put it on em this year!!
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    '22 TN PG Brian Edwards Jr. (BJ Edwards) (Tennessee commit)

    Sorry bro, did u say something?!? lol
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    ‘22 MN SF DJ Jefferson (Tennessee commit)

    I mean no disrespect at all to JB but Jefferson’s film showed a lot more overall skill set. Imo First thing that jumped out was his ability to create space. Then his quickness off the floor. JB had nice hops but they weren’t as quick, compared to Jefferson’s. Again jmo
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    '22 SC SF Julian Phillips (Tennessee commit)

    Because people let alone kids don’t care about what other people think about them anymore. And kids of the caliber I think your talking about ego won’t allow the thought they can’t beat out tHe guy they’re competing against. Jmo
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Sit back, squat down or bend over…. Lmao Just go away
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    Fulkerson’s involvement

    Got a lot of love for Fulky but he’s lost a couple of steps with all of the injuries and lack of work. He’s slower, lost confidence with the ball in his hands and more vertically challenged. I’d love to feed him and run the O through him but his frame and skill set doesn’t allow it. He can still...
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    As a Barnes “Disparager”

    lol… I finally feel ya. And not because of the loss.. Just the way he ALLOWED his squad to play. Dam the misses, it was the effort given by the whole team. There needs to be a bigger DEMAND for effort(especially from the upperclassman), and that has zero to do with X’s and O’s.
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    As a Barnes “Disparager”

    So you’re saying you’re coming out the closet?
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    The Official #13 Tennessee @ Colorado Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, FS1

    That’s who I use and it’s 36 on mine
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    BTO’s ETSU Postgame Report

    Good for you man… Throw as much shade as you can on a dude that appears to give 100 all the time including cheerleading when he hadn’t saw a minute in the game. feel better?
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    The Official #17 Tennessee vs. #5 Villanova Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, ESPN News

    Okay guy. Don’t think I disrespected you that would call for this amount of thought for a comeback. But you win… Im dumb
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    The Official #17 Tennessee vs. #5 Villanova Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, ESPN News

    Coaching should absolutely take blame for this one too. #13 gotta be more aggressive offensively, but that should be relayed to him daily. Especially if the teams outside game isn’t there like today. His confidence level drops like crazy when he goes against quality competition. Amd that’s not...

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