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    Pretend you're a booster

    You do realize the simplest explanation is nearly always the correct one, yes? Also, you realize that Oliver Stone has done a LOT of drugs, yes?
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    Volquest shared some interesting info about the team

    2005 and 2008 redux!
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    Smoke Monday JG Quote

    ... and don’t trust Whitey.
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    Article about Pruitt (SIAP)

    🤣🤣🤣 Couldn’t have existed before you heard of it, then.
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    Article about Pruitt (SIAP)

    No, precious. You weren’t. Calcio Fiorentino - Wikipedia
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    Just seeing if anyone can confirm

    Again, fans?!? Even if they’re allowed, the revenue from 10k fans would be negligible. This is a TV revenue decision.
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    Just seeing if anyone can confirm

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You think there’s going to be fans allowed. I needed a laugh today, brother. I appreciate it.
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    Fulmer tests positive for COVID

    Don’t be too hard on him. We were all dipsh*ts at least once.
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    UT vs SC revenue

    Out of state tuition is higher, so you get more revenue. Where’s the subsidy? Also, UT has HOPE, which keeps in state talent at UT. The net result is more income from the lottery and a better quality student. UGA has had that for 20 years or so. Now there’s kids getting into Harvard and...
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    Mike Ferrell with Rivals

    Hold up. Bruh did get fired and lost a LOT of green over the last few years. Also beating VT and running an assemblage of AAC and CUSA teams is nice, but c’mon.
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    Must play Bailey

    I suspect it could have affected him, but I couldn’t say. I haven’t watched his other footage recently, but I recall the same sort of indecisiveness being Maurer’s hallmark.
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    Must play Bailey

    Split snaps my arse! Mauer had a clear lane to step up or run for a first down, but stepped into pressure instead. Bailey clearly had better vision and (gasp) an internal play clock! Never seemed to hold the ball for more than 2.5 seconds before being decisive. I don’t know if I’ve seen that...
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    Our Players Were Swarming Pittman After the Game

    I think he recruited most of them, whether they committed to him or not.
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    Must play Bailey

    Start him next week.

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