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    Flop montage

    Maybe treat it like soccer and make them play a man down?
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    Image the press will not show you

    It’s an opinion piece. Opinion pieces are written to support an agenda. Don’t click on it. It’s Pete F-ing Thamel! Screw that guy. Losing your temper always garners more attention than the words or idiocy of those who goaded you. I hate to say it, but the battery chucks got played by one...
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    The Saturday night atmosphere was unreal [share your experience]

    They’re awesome. Can do some pretty cool visual effects. Great upgrade that most programs and pro teams also have. The orange-lit running of the T was fantastic.
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    Simple way to assess the incidence of "flopping" as a strategy to delay the game - basic analytics for the Rules committee

    It’s the perfect frame for the argument. Instead of “change this because we’re getting jobbed,” it’s “player safety across the league and college football has to be paramount; injuries are too serious a thing to fake for strategy.” Moral high ground would make those opposed look like football...
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    Everyone wear your Orange this week

    Does the company have more than 50 employees? If so, he can’t fire you because of your Big Orange tribal status. 😉 If he’d fire you for that in this job market, he’s too big an idiot to function.
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    White & Plowman

    No, baby. We don’t. Lie down before you hurt yourself.
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    Simple way to assess the incidence of "flopping" as a strategy to delay the game - basic analytics for the Rules committee

    This jives with concussion protocol. Give the injured player time to be properly assessed in the tent. If he can’t really go the next possession he should be out of the ballgame for his own safety.
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    If the fans showing displeasure at refs in Neyland hurts you

    Hahaha! And the Three Percenters.
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    Milton & the last play

    Give it a rest. Shove them negative waves baby.
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    If Hooker's injury is serious

    In terms of flak, Coach Heup is performing like an A-10 so far. He’s our guy.
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    If Hooker's injury is serious

    Of all the arses I’ve seen, that might have been one of the dumbest.
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    Referees caused this mess

    This argument would never see a jury for lack of evidence on proximate cause. Summary Judgment GRANTED. …opinion to follow.
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    Referees caused this mess

    Hope they weren’t ProVs…
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    White & Plowman

    Because you gotta get news from somewhere. Good rule of thumb is to believe half of what you read and none of what you hear. Dealing with the media is kind of like dealing with the weather. You can’t control it, but you can prepare with proper planning. Unexpected events can lead to unexpected...

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