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    '21 TX QB Kaidon Salter (Tennessee Commit)

    Haha! That was the goal
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    '21 SC DT Tyrion Ingrams-Dawkins

    Finger paint is a huge douche on Twitter which is why everyone picks on him. His edits have improved over time, but he's still a tool so we still make fun of him.
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    '21 TX QB Kaidon Salter (Tennessee Commit)

    I love watching him play. I hope we get to see him in orange.
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    '21 SC DT Tyrion Ingrams-Dawkins

    I think we would be less harsh on his edits if he wasn't such an insufferable tool on Twitter
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    '21 TN OL Jmarion Jenkins-Gooch

    Whole things just seems petty. Do not want.
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    '21 NC OT Colby Smith (Tennessee Commit)

    Oh sure, I mean more from what's talked about and what's seen as far as offers and kids including us in their top groups. We've seen and talked about the D line ad nauseam but not the OT spot. Surely the coaches are well aware, I'm more just speculating as to what the plan is there as the body...
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    '21 NC OT Colby Smith (Tennessee Commit)

    I don't see many other options. It's June, so we may get in on some other OT's in this cycle, but we didn't sign a tackle last year, and Smith seems like the only options so far this year. Surprised we aren't approaching this the way they are the DL considering the depth chart.
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    '21 NC OT Colby Smith (Tennessee Commit)

    I think Colby is a fine prospect, but is he our plan A after Wanya leaves? We don't have many tackle bodies on the roster, and last year we only brought in Cooper as a blue-chip OL. If Mimms goes elsewhere, we may be looking at starting a freshman in 2022 which wouldn't be ideal.
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    '21 GA OT Amarius Mims

    They're going to keep choosing those schools over playing time until we start putting kids in the first three rounds of the draft and win some games. Pruitt can absolutely win 9-10 games a year with classes in the 10-13 range. If this staff can develop kids like I believe they can, then we'll...
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    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning

    Neither are starting QBs. I don't think Bray has ever even taken an NFL snap outside of preseason.
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    '21 GA OLB Smael Mondon

    I don't mean it but I can't not ya know?
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    '21 GA CB Kamar Wilcoxson (Florida commit x3)

    Yeah he deleted the tweet, took down the Florida edit as his header and deleted UF from his bio. Dude is nuts.
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    '21 NC DT Payton Page

    Likely NT with his size with Big O at DT and Dominic Bailey at DE who is CRAZY slept on. Dude can move. I dont see that line until 2022. Emerson and Simmons are great talents at the NT spot.

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