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    Softball Week 3 - USF Tournament

    Amanda Curran is a very good softball player both with the bat and in the field. I wish the Weeklys would play her much more than what they do. She could help in right field also.
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    Game Thread: #25/RV LADY VOLS VS. #16/18 TEXAS A&M

    Kellie was on the refs constantly. She was teetering on getting a technical. She did all she could with the refs.
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    Softball Season has Started

    I think it's time Josie Willingham permanently takes over second base.
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    Softball Season has Started

    On an unrelated LadyVol softball subject, I wanted to add that the LadyVol's new softball uniforms are really nifty. The use of pinstripes and addition of LadyVol logos are a welcome change. Anxious to see the whole catalog of new uniforms and color combinations when they start playing home...
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    Softball Season has Started

    Western Michigan had to catch a plane flight home. This game had a two-hour time limit according to radio announcer Brian Rice.
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    Softball Season has Started

    I agree, people need to get off of Callie Turner's back. Based on yesterday's performance, she has improved considerably since fall ball. For the time being she is our number one pitcher. Get behind her.
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    2020 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    From what I've seen on these highlights tapes, the LadyVols need to go after Edie Darby also. She may be small in height, but man she can really shoot the 3-pointers and she is quick as a cat.
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    Al Brown on Campus

    Saw Al Brown at the Lady Vols - Howard game yesterday. He was talking for some time to a very tall young lady who I assume was a recruit.
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    What channel on PlutoTV will carry the Portland State Game?

    Correction on the Pluto TV channel. The Vol website says channel 532
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    What channel on PlutoTV will carry the Portland State Game?

    Channel 352 on Pluto TV according to the LadyVol website.
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    2020 Softball Recruiting Class

    I watched several of the fall softball games and Chelsea Seggern generally struggled at shortshop. She doesn't have the speed or range to play an effective shortstop and she looked uncomfortable at the position. She doesn't pick up the travel of the ball at short like she does at third. There is...
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    Game thread: LADY VOLS VS. ETSU

    I was very impressed with Lou Brown's performance tonight. She has a very calming influence on the team. A great pickup for the Lady Vols.
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    Volleyballers go for a "twofer" weekend today @ 1:30 pm.

    I agree, the LadyVols played their hearts and tails off, but they just came up a little short.
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    TV for the ETSU game?

    The Tuesday game at ETSU just came up on my Comcast schedule on MYVLT in Knoxville, channel 1009 at 7 p.m.
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    TBA hosts Volleyball vs Ole Miss tonight at 6:30

    I can see on the streaming video that Ava Bell is walking around in a soft boot, so apparently she has a foot, ankle or leg injury.

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