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    The LadyVols are listed at number 19 in the current USA/ESPN poll. Saw it posted while watching the LSU/So.Miss game this evening.
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    Tennessee Soccer

    I hope Lindsey Romig's knee injury is not serious and the trainers can get her ready to play against Wake Forrest and North Carolina. The LadyVols are definitely going to need her against those teams.
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    Game Thread: (20/21) Lady Vols vs. Auburn

    We were very fortunate they weren't injured. Losing teams like to take cheap shots at the opposing team's star players. It happens all the time. I agree with shortstop, they should not have been in the game at that time.
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    I'm guessing the reason the LadyVols aren't on SECNetwork+ tonight is because the baseball vols are on the network+ at the same time instead. Apparently UT doesn't have the television production capabilities to do both at the same time. Has something to do with UT studio production guidelines...
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    Postponed Mississippi State game is set for February 16

    Hope the LadyVols can get take-off and airport clearance shortly or they will be hard pressed to be ready to play against South Carolina on Thursday in Knoxville.
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    Game Thread: (16/19) Lady Vols at (RV/24) Mississippi State POSTPONED AGAIN reports the LadyVols are still stuck in Texas because of the massive snow storms there.
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    Game Thread: (16/19) Lady Vols at (6/5) Texas A&M

    I agree completely. The referees made terrible non-existent calls against the LadyVols late in the game which more than likely cost them the game through A&M foul shots.
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    LVs Volleyball

    Another great win for LadyVols volleyball. Morgahn Fingall shined brightly tonight. I know most people on this board are primarily LadyVols basketball fans but it would benefit you to take a look-see at the volleyball team. They are under-appreciated by volnation and deserve our support. They...
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    LV Volleyball

    A great concerted team effort with Lily Felts showing out tonight. The Lady Vols showed great determination and grit in coming from behind in the fourth set and then taking the fifth set. They hung in there tough and never gave up. Hope they can do the same on Saturday night against Mizzou.
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    Game Thread: (16/19) Lady Vols at (20/18) Kentucky

    Kellie Harper needs to keep Tess Darby in the game in the second half and they need to quit ignoring her open in the corners. Her 3-point shooting is their only chance to stay in this game.
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    Lou Brown will be playing Pro ball

    Great news about Lou Brown. Wish her the best of luck on the Australian club. Sounds like her knee is sound and she is in great shape. Always one of my all-time favorite Lady Vols.
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    Tamari Key Gets Triple Double

    Today's game was the Tamari Key show. She has quickly evolved into one of the most dominant post players in LadyVol history. Her potential is enormous.
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    Game Thread: (20/22) Lady Vols vs. Ole Miss

    Marta seemed to be walking gingerly. Hope it's not a serious injury. Destiny Salary filled in admirably and made a strong case for much more playing time, even when Marta returns. The LadyVols were very fortunate to win this game against a much improved Ole Miss team. I'm very glad we don't have...
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    Tennessee Lady Vols Softball Schedule

    I understand the circumstances with the pandemic but I have to agree that it is a terrible home schedule. I am glad I opted-out of season tickets and I will watch the games on television and the internet instead. This kind of schedule is certainly not the risk of going in person to the games...
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    Game Thread: Lady Vols at LSU

    Not our best effort by any means but we avoided the upset and got the win on the road which is what counts. Stay the course LadyVols!

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