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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    This is the main reason I don't want Fromm. Can we get a QB that can make all the throws for once? I'm not that familiar with Jordan Love of Utah State, who is getting a lot of hype right now, but what I've read sounds promising.
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    Brian Maurer starting against UGA

    Good. But why say it now other than trying to cover up the Banks deal? It's getting pathetic at this point.
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    Fire Pruitt [merged]

    Regarding the Banks situation: How closer are we to being able to fire Pruitt for cause?
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    Fulmer Backs Pruitt

    The MSU and USCe games are going to determine if Pruitt gets another year or not. If we lose both of those games we'll be 1-7 and recruiting will tank. I don't know how you can justify bringing Pruitt back at that point.
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    Finebaum Now

    Not yet. I do think we're seeing the beginnings of a campaign that could lead to him being fired for cause in the future. If Fulmer's the evil puppet master that some people think he is then Pruitt will be gone with UT paying zero buyout money if we don't start winning games in a hurry.
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    Buckle your seat belts through this October gauntlet

    I don't see any way Pruitt survives if we're 1-7 come November.
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    Coach Rumph confirms in speech today!!!

    I agree that our fans need to take a step back on social media and likely do way more harm than good. But let's not pretend that losing to GA State and BYU at home then being non-competitive after the 1st quarter against Florida doesn't make recruits hit the pause button as well.
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    Kiffin article about UT; front page ESPN

    Kiffin wants this job so bad.
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    Did you watch the GA State game? Not a lot of coaching going on there.
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    People need to understand that if Maurer was the better QB then our coaches would start him

    "Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results" - an idiot, apparently.
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    CJP compares program to Titanic

    I think he's trying to get fired at this point.
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    Pruitt not benching JG. Says he’s the best QB on the roster

    Turning away ANY blue chip QB prospect under any circumstances is stupid. Martinez is Pruitt's Tajh Boyd.
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    Pruitt not benching JG. Says he’s the best QB on the roster

    Lol ok then, you do you slingblade. Your choice to be oblivious.
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    Pruitt not benching JG. Says he’s the best QB on the roster

    You should listen to one of the Volquest podcasts a couple weeks back where Austin Price flat out said that Martinez didn't come here because Tyson Helton didn't want him and Pruitt backed Helton up on it.
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    Pruitt not benching JG. Says he’s the best QB on the roster

    This is not what happened. Pruitt and Helton told Martinez to kick rocks. Why on earth would a new head coach coming into a new team with a bad QB situation tell a talented HS QB who's been committed to the program to look somewhere else unless they didn't know what they were doing? If we had...

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