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    Heupel Deserves Better Than This

    One thing I already like a lot about Coach Heupel is he’s positive. He talks up his players. Pruitt was the opposite. Barnes is the opposite as he rips his players after every loss. Refreshing to finally get a coach that understands the power of positivity. Keep it up Coach!!!
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    Who had more disappointing ending: Men Bball or Lady Vols bball

    Not even close. Barnes DID NOT earn his ridiculous salary this year. Not even close. Men were a joke.
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    A Reluctant Criticism of Barnes

    I couldn’t have said it better. Old school coach that appears to make kids scared to death to make a mistake on offense. They play with lack of aggression, timid, and for whatever reason they’re better at squaring up to the wing with the ball than squaring up to the goal.
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    Theory + a couple of observations

    Number 5 is my favorite. This team was painful to watch. And definitely my least favorite. The coaching on offense was awful. I really don’t understand why all season guys get the ball and rarely square up. Nobody looked to square up and take it to the hole. And they played offense like...
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    The real reason we were flat

    This may be the least mentally tough team I’ve ever seen.
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    Rob Lewis sums this season up succinctly...

    Offensive coaching is horrific.
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    Devonta Gaines brought in for Defense and did his job

    Proud of Devontae Gaines. He is a tough competitor, and a heck of a player. Go Vols!!!
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    Guys fought their guts out. Proud of the effort and the whole team.

    Officiating was horrific. The first half might have been the best we’ve played all year.
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    Senior John Mincey enters transfer portal

    We need to quit hiring guys that have had any affiliation to University of Alabama. It never works. Also, never hire anyone that ever worked with Russ Propst.
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    Senior John Mincey enters transfer portal

    How many guys have we lost now to the portal? Unbelievable. The mess Pruitt is leaving behind is probably bigger than the mess Dooley left.
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    Bunch that just don't get it !

    From a wins and loss standpoint, respectfully anyone that thinks he’s gonna come in and go 12-0 with the players he inherited is nuts. And he doesn’t even have all of those players because so many have left. I personally am not concerned with the record year 1. Of course I’d love to see them...
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    Bunch that just don't get it !

    I hope you’re right. Between the absolute carnage that Pruitt left behind, defection of players via portal, and potential NCAA sanctions, I think the new head coach deserves a total free pass year 1. I would love to see the Vols do better than expected year 1. That said, the new coach hasn’t...

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