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    Most Improved?

    What player needs to make the most improvement over last year for us to win 10 games in 2022? Here are my 5: 1. Hyatt 2. Baron 3. Young 4. Flowers 5. Burrell Hyatt to replace Jones and Payton’s production Baron and Young because we have to get more pressure on qb to get off the field I...
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    2022 roster

    It looks like we got a lot heavier on the OL and DL. Kind of surprised Darnell Wright is 340 pounds at OT. Hopefully it’s not all fat. Elijah Simmons also still looks like he needs to lose a lot of weight
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    The Official #18 Tennessee @ #21 LSU Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    Maybe but basketball is much more than shooting threes. If you’re constantly turning the ball over and getting beat on defense, what good is it?
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    The Official #18 Tennessee @ #21 LSU Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    I’m sorry but I don’t see it. Turnover after turnover and he misses too many threes.
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    The Official #18 Tennessee @ #21 LSU Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    Consistency is supposed to be a characteristic of experienced players. JJJ and Bailey couldn’t be more experienced nor more inconsistent. Is this a coaching issue? I’m sincerely asking.
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    The Official #18 Tennessee @ #21 LSU Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    Barnes is trying to let Powell figure things out but guy just can’t get it going. We are painful to watch.
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    '20 GA RB Deondre Jackson

    I hope we have some ties with this guy. Looks like he could help us in short yardage. I feel like the Leneth Whitehead experiment at RB is over. Maybe he could help at LB if so.
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    Albany DE Jared Verse (transfer - FSU commit)

    Other than us being die hard Vol fans, why is Verse going to FSU such a terrible decision? Their program is not in great shape but neither is ours. We had one of the worst defenses in college football last year. Garner is fantastic but their DL coach is also highly respected for putting players...
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    Trevon Running it Back

    Hopefully Flowers makes a big jump between year 4 and 5. We need better play at the other safety position too. McCullough was very bad as was Burrell. Hoping this off season results in a transformation for many of our defensive players
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    TV for Tenn Tech game/SEC network +/streaming only

    Is SEC network plus available on Spectrum? I have regular SEC Network but not sure how plus works?
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    Pitt UMass

    I think they have the advantage at QB, WR, DL, LB and we have the advantage at RB, OL, DB. Don’t know if coaching and home field advantage gives us enough to win. I think it will be a good, close game
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    No Gray or Morris for OU

    I can’t blame Gray or Lawrence and Morris for transferring to a top 5 program when Tennessee was facing a rebuild. Good luck to them!
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    I think we need to realize where our program is. We are behind Kentucky. Their coach has been there almost as long as Saban has been at Bama. He has built the culture. Kentucky should beat Tennessee this year. We as fans need to sit back and enjoy the process of watching our team improve in this...
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    Joe Milton Throw by Throw Breakdown

    Great stuff. Thanks for taking time to break this down.

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