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    The No. 1 jersey and its significance?

    If I remember right jayson Swain was talking about it a few years ago and said Michigan makes a big deal out of who has number 1 so he asked if he could and they said if Witten left early he could
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    Come on Texas really!!!

    Johnson county’s new logo is not that different they just changed the horns a little.I don’t understand why Texas found a school in the smallest county in Tennessee who has only had about maybe 10 seasons ever worth remembering and as a jchs grad I say go horns
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    *****Freak's Friday Night Before Missouri Admittedly Off-Topic Thread

    Watched Christmas movies all day have to work tomorrow so WatchESPN to the rescue once again
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    Iowa or Cincinnati.. who do we want?

    It might look like a home game for the bearcats so while I picked them it might be better if Iowa wins
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    Who to root for?

    Upset but don’t really mide unless it messes up my bracket had I really hope the best teams make it at the end
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    Welcome To Nashville South Lexington KY

    Looking at Twitter I believe uk would believe it was the refs fault if they lost to golden state
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    The Official #8 Tennessee vs. Mississippi State Game Thread, 9:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    But watch a whole game like that I don’t think I could do that
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    The Official #8 Tennessee vs. Mississippi State Game Thread, 9:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    Does anyone ever watch the above the rim cam when streaming it seems stupid to me
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    SEC Tournament Thread

    I think if we want a chance at a one seed we need to beat ky then LSU it will be hard to get a one seed any other way
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    Pack TBA Tuesday night

    Wow someone else from mountain City thought I was the only one
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    Pack TBA Tuesday night

    wish I could
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    What was the controversy?

    I was impressed how quick he got his jacket off
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    The Official #1 Tennessee @ #5 Kentucky Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Most excited I’ve been since Memphis 08
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    Anybody else already anxious about Saturday?

    Reminds me of Memphis in 08

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