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    Pruitts hire compared to other 4 BIG names two years ago............

    By the time Saban leaves we will know what kind of coach Pruitt is. If he's legit then he will have UT in a spot where Alabama will be a lateral move. Not worried there.
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    The Impeachment Thread

    The way he's been lately I actually think he does believe that. Poor guy has lost it.
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    The Impeachment Thread

    What if they took a hammer to it?
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    Need Jeep Help - Service Center Ripping me off?

    Yeah it was noticeably different when driving and at times it would shake pretty violently. The $1,200 was to replace spark plugs and ignition coils. The $500 was to replace one fuel injector.
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    Need Jeep Help - Service Center Ripping me off?

    Alright.. I'll do my best to keep this short and sweet but seeing as I'm not a mechanic I need help dealing with Lenoir City Jeep. Check engine light comes on so we go to AutoZone to have the code provided: Misfire Cylinder 6. Take it to LCJ and they tell us that the spark plugs and ignition...
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    Baltimore question

    Baltimore is a **** hole. But The Wire is such a good show I’m cool with it.
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    Mueller Report Imminent

    Especially now with Jim Jordan. Corrupt FBI setting up Trump. Pretty obvious.
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    Tankers Attacked In Gulf: Price of Oil Up

    I think his point was directed towards the opinion that Trump would lead us to WW3 amongst many of the Democrats. That was a big talking point. It’s been the opposite.
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    Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread on Me”)

    It’s one of my many tattoos. But I got the inspiration from the version the USA men’s soccer team used seeing as I’m a soccer junkie. There’s a soccer ball behind the snake.
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    Tankers Attacked In Gulf: Price of Oil Up

    That is what it says...
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    '20 TN SG Keon Johnson (Tennessee commit 8.6.19)

    You know what you were doing.
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    US State Department Stirring It Up With Iran...

    The race card being played by the left is the ultimate one trick pony.
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    6 schools to be notified of serious NCAA violations

    I’m all for dirty basketball programs being put in check but doesn’t the FBI have better things to do?
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    Mueller Report Imminent

    If it’s clear as day he obstructed then why didn’t Mueller say so?

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