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    Grant Williams is the best NBA basketvol since…

    If you can find it, post it. I wanna share that on my Vols Facebook page I run. Lol.
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    Grant Williams is the best NBA basketvol since…

    well when pitting him up against Jimmy that’s not his fault. That’s managements. Jimmy is an all time great hustler. His strive has pushed himself well past his typical limitations when it comes to talent. He has a rave drive most couldn’t dream to match. Tobias will never win the public love...
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    New NIL Rules

    I'm just here living in the moment. Can't you just let me have a few hating on Bama comments in bliss?
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    New NIL Rules

    *laughs in Nick Saban having the 32nd ranked class currently in 2023*
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    2022 NFL Draft Thread

    My wife (a saints fan) is worried her team will be the one to pick a QB first.
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    What type of money would we need to come up with NIL money to entice Chandler to stay another year?

    and the worst athlete to ever set foot on this campus. Dude is a horrible individual. The Tragedy of Bernard King
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    Kentucky Game Total Embarrassment

    Bet they make the elite 8.
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    Wonder If Josh Dobbs will pack it in?

    I’d buy a car from Josh Dobbs Toyota
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    Wonder If Josh Dobbs will pack it in?

    Why not do what pays you more?
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    Wonder If Josh Dobbs will pack it in?

    Don’t count him out of coaching. I know he has other skill sets but college and NFL coaches make the big $$$. Somebody will want his presence in a locker room.
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    Does Volnation have a deal with...

    I’m not trying to be negative, but you know none of that is true right? ESPN has no opinion of us one way or another. It’s better for ESPN when we are good because our rivalries make for good ratings. Don’t hate ESPN for just calling us what we have been the past 20 years.
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    SEC's gap with the rest of college football keeps growing. Can anyone stop it?

    Considering there were players who couldn't read after attending the University of Tennessee to play football I would argue it hasn't been about education in 60 years. College football has been a farming league for decades, and players have been getting paid (by even UT) for longer than you or I...
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    Cade Mays' $1,000,000.00.

    He wouldn't be worth the mil, imo. Injury risk to great and the money could be spent more efficiently elsewhere.
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    Something has changed…

    A couple things. Players have been getting paid and we have been cheating since before we won a national championship, during, and after. "They make money so make them pay for it themselves" so should universities make a rule that people on scholarships can't have jobs? Better go tell the...
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    Alontae Taylor opting out of the bowl

    yikes.... what a take.

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