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    UT setting up a watch party on campus

    common danny white W
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    2023 schedule

    As someone who lives in ATL this is beautiful. Gonna be able to catch games at UGA and Auburn
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    Twitter is saying checker Neyland for Florida

    man some of yall are miserable lmao. checker neyland should become a tradition just as good as running through the T. People should recognize it as a Tennessee thing and be jelly we can get so many people into a stadium every year. Last week Pitt had a top 25 matchup in a 70k person stadium and...
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    Heupel Thursday Presser: Pitt Week

    Not sure if you were implying this or not, but I think Small is our best RB in every facet by a noticeable margin
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    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    thank god. i was getting worried we would never play an SEC game in orange again with the way things were going
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    ‘23 NC SG Freddie Dilione (Tennessee commit)

    16% from 3 and 59% FT????
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    Most Recent Look at Neyland Stadium Upgrades

    can't be understated how much this improves the experience
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    Gun control debate (merged)

    just want to reiterate here that there haven't been any shootings at music midtown
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    Gun control debate (merged)

    people keep saying this but nothing I can find googling news articles from the past 20 years. Midtown used to be less safe, so I can see there being a shooting in the vicinity one year, but nothing ever inside the fest or around it.
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    Gun control debate (merged)

    Yeah, here's the story on Music Midtown. Yes, that law was passed in 2014, but the man who's threatening the lawsuits is the same guy who was kicked out of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for carrying. ABG is on Piedmont Park property but has been a part of the park for decades. Because they've...
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    Gun control debate (merged)

    I’m still livid after hearing the news and seeing this is the reason. Unbelievable
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    Middle Tennessee Vol.. cost of going to Florida game ..FYI

    seems pretty reasonable for an overnight vacay
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    -Friday- UT Board of Trustees approves revised plan for Neyland Stadium renovations

    i like the tan press boxes! sneaky iconic in all of CFB
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    Staff is altering Hookers mechanics

    AtoZ is such a joke. Just aggregators stretching a quote into as many words as possible

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