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    Sources Say: Marta Could be Much Better Than Expected

    I agree completely. Kasi had to be in perfect position. It was almost mapped out in her head. Dead on throw, Catch, Power dripple, Layup. Tamari I believe was better in that area and could catch the ball even if it was a little outside her area. Harrison, on the other hand, could catch the ball...
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    Sources Say: Marta Could be Much Better Than Expected

    There is also a chance Kasi could step in as the starting 5. I don't see that happening just strictly for future progress for Key as she is our future in terms of a starting center, but Kasi has been giving Key a huge run for her money. Her conditioning has been extraordinary, and wouldn't...
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    Sources Say: Marta Could be Much Better Than Expected

    Take this as you may, but from what I'm hearing from sources close to the program Marta Suarez could be an up and coming star in the making. Kellie recently corroborated this by saying that Marta has some "baller" in her with a grin on her face. It's starting to become clear why we weren't the...
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    Kaiya Wynn to Tennessee :)

    Great to see recruits and players parents interact on Twitter and hype up the LV’s
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    non LV exhibition game

    Florida vs. Valdosta State (84-38) Box score: Women's Basketball vs Valdosta State on 10/30/2019 - Box Score - Florida Gators Georgia: No exhibition game that I can find Kentucky vs. Southern Indiana (80-44) Box score: Women's Basketball vs University of Southern Indiana on 10/30/2019 - Box...
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    Harper Media Availability 11/5/19

    WBB_Kellie_Harper_Media_Availability_11_04_19 Coach discusses first away game, three point shooting, minutes distribution, subbing philosophy, and ETSU scout.
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    Plavsic denied by NCAA

    What is NCAA’s email? We should flood it
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    Game Thread: Lady Vols V Carson Newman

    In my opinion there’s no way Key starts over KK. starting lineup: Jaz Zay Re Jaiden/Ray (Could go either way) KK
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    2020 6-1 W Tess Darby commits

    Does anyone know where I can find highlights of her? I can't seem to find them. Thanks!
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    Europe Trip

    "Lady Vols with a 21-6 second quarter to lead by 25 at the half. Six pts. each for Jessie, Kasi, & Jaz. Six assists for Rennia & three steals for Jaiden.
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    Westbrook and Jennifer Sullivan

    @mtsuraider06 @DeerPark12 Do y’all think that Kellie has reached out to current player’s parents in regards to her intention of putting the “student” back in “student athlete” where it should’ve been last season? Also do you think we are done as far as roster movement goes?
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    Jordan Horston’s Mother Impressed W/ KJH’s Visit

    Kellie Harper impresses Jordan Horston's mother on visit to see top Lady Vols recruit Interesting comments made on her Twitter account. “More than most.”
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    John Brice says

    You’ll probably hear something tomorrow if this Barnes thing doesn’t delay it, but as of now expect the announcement tomorrow. This also means we’re keeping Jordan’s Horston.
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    John Brice says

    Hearing from a booster that Kara is a done deal. Should get an announcement soon.

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