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    22-23 Roster Management & Lineups

    Curious what y'all are thinking in terms of who is starting, who is first off the bench, who is last off the bench, who isn't playing except in trash time, etc. Here's my thoughts: Starting: PG - Jasmine Powell SG - Jordan Horston SF - Sarah Puckett PF - Rickea Jackson C - Tamari Key...
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

    NC State by 8
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    2023 Recruiting

    Anyone know if we're looking at Aalyah Del Rosario? Ranked 13th. 6'5 post out of Webb School in Nashville.
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    Game Thread: (7/8) Lady Vols 70 - Ole Miss 58

    If you would’ve told me going into the game that Key would be 1-2 with 6 points and we’d win fairly comfortably and be up by 20 at one point in the game I would’ve said you were crazy. This is the most complete team I’ve seen Tennessee have in a VERY long time.
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    Game Thread: (7/8) Lady Vols 70 - Ole Miss 58

    Anyone notice how quiet Darth has been 😂 if this doesn’t prove his motives nothing will lol
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    2022 Recruits

    Per Knox News, Paris Clark visited TN on Monday. She is a 5 star guard who was committed to UCLA, but opened her recruitment back up. Former Vols Basketball player, Brian Williams, is her uncle and joined her on her visit.
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    Game Thread: (19/12) Lady Vols vs. Georgia College (EXH)

    Dye looks just as athletic as advertised. Opening the game with a perfect lob?!
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    Game Thread: (19/12) Lady Vols vs. Georgia College (EXH)

    I don't think we've missed a shot have we?
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    Director of Women's Basketball Sports Performance is leaving

    I actually know Tyler. Great guy. Hate to see him leave.
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    Tennessee Transfer Prospects List

    Cardoso isn't coming to TN. From what I'm hearing I don't think we take any other transfers unless one lands in our lap. They seem to be going all in on investing in what we have currently. They feel very confident in quite a few players who were dealing with injuries making huge jumps in the...
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    2021 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    I pretty much agree with the exception of Darby. From everything I'm hearing about off-season workouts and practices Kellie is high on Darby. She was actually supposed to play much more last season but was dealing with lingering injuries and couldn't do as much as they wanted. I think we're...
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    2021 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    So I'm curious if it's just me, but I see/hear a lot of people chat about Puckett, Striplin, and Miles, but I tend to think that Wynn could really fill some holes for us. She can play 1-3 which gives us options. I'm just curious if there is a reason she isn't talked about as much or if it's just...
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    Jennifer Sullivan leaving Tennessee

    Okay buddy ole pal 🧡
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    Jennifer Sullivan leaving Tennessee

    “Create a conspiracy” “promote negativity” 😂 you take this waaaaayyyy too serious man. Chill out and take a pill. No conspiracies, and as far as negativity you read my past comments? Lol I’m like 100% anti-negavol and call it out all the time. Find it strange that you seemed to...

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