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    5 Star Heart House for sale

    "Show off trophies and drink"? You have to have trophies to show them off. Now I can see drinking based on how much losing was happening.
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    Fulmer says Tennessee is planning on a full stadium in 2020 -Adjustments may be made-

    I am so sick of COVID-19 and all the crap we have had to do for it. I say that sick (virus or any other underlying health condition) and those above 70 stay home. Otherwise, let the rest of us go an make 114 db in Neyland.
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    Realistically, do you believe there will be a 2020 season?

    I trust Trump on the economy and I don't think he will allow this to go on much longer as devastating it is. Once the new cases are on the decline, I believe that he will open things back up at least with some social distancing included. I think things are back in full sometime in May or June.
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    JacketVol was talking about donations and that his ticket agent had hemmed and hawed about whether he would get his donation back. I was just clearing that up for him.
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    Oh, you won't get your donation back. You can bet on that. I would not be donating if I wasn't confident that there was going to be a season.
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    How do we fire our scheduler?

    They don't many choices on where to place the game. You are asking for WAY too much.
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    How do we fire our scheduler?

    Coaches change and thus offensive and defensive schemes change too. No one can predict what kind of offense a team will be playing 6 years in advance. I prefer to say we should play anyone anytime anywhere. You have to if you want to win a natty.
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    Testimonials Thread: Give us your feedback. -- PLEASE

    I don't care to know his name but would like to have his email and telephone number in case he pops up wanting to buy tickets that I am selling.
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    Still Need Two for Vandy and parking pass

    I still have mine available
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    why do we play Arkansas next year

    There is a regular rotation but they want the home and home to swap so that requires an occasional rearrangement to make that happen.
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    How do we fire our scheduler?

    We can't be whiny babies. You get better by playing good teams. You can't improve by playing cupcakes.
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    Cord cutter here, and I have a question..

    I used to use Hulu with live TV and now use YouTube TV. The experience is much better with YouTube TV. There is almost no buffering like I had with Hulu. There is also unlimited DVD space so I record several games every weekend and then go back and watch the ones I couldn't watch live.
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    Need 2 for Vandy and potentially parking pass

    $150 with the parking pass.
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    Looking for parking pass for Vanderbilt game . Email

    I tried but that email bounced back and said it wasn't valid. I have a pass in G17 that I would sell. Text me at (864) 494-9808

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