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    Realistically, do you believe there will be a 2020 season?

    You are correct that the Brits backed off of that stance. However i have issues with that study due to the fact it isnt killing anyone who doesnt have at risk factors. If those who are at risk take is that gonna equal 1million deaths?
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    Realistically, do you believe there will be a 2020 season?

    They have backed away from that stance now
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    Realistically, do you believe there will be a 2020 season?

    Your scenario isnt completely out of the realm of possibility. So with the nations future at stake when do we say to those who are at risk, stay home or protect yourself when you go out?
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    Realistically, do you believe there will be a 2020 season?

    Suicide rates will spike for certain. Possibly a higjer number of lives will be lost than would have been from the virus. And very few of those will be elderly.
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    Realistically, do you believe there will be a 2020 season?

    What is happening in the stock market is 100% driven by fear. Many of the steps being taken by governments are simply because theyre afraid of doing nothing.
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    UT cancels classes

    You havent done all you can do with a vaccine. You could still shelter in place to keep your granny alive.
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    UT cancels classes

    What is a preventable death? If we did this every year the flu death rate would plummet. So are we to assume the minimum annual number of preventable deaths acceptable to you is 10k?
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    UT cancels classes

    And yet annual deaths attributed to the influenza?
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    Orange White game postponed per Philip Fulmer

    Why is it difficult to understand that the "doubling every day" has far more to do with the numbers being tested daily at this point than the numbers being infected at this point? It isnt difficult but as a scare tactic it is much more effective. My guess is that there are many thousands in...
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    Tennessee Football Spring Preview: Quarterbacks

    The point about the uber talent arounf Bailey is, had he thrown many of those td passes to more pedestrian talent like most HS qbs have to, they wouldnt have been tds. Same with the yards totals, with out the talented guys he had on his team those totals would have been far less. Yes we want...
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    Tennessee DL Darel Middleton was arrested this morning on two charges.

    Domestic assault does not denote an assault uoin a female....
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    Pruitt’s Salary

    Actually your opinion seems to be the prevailing opinion... Im of the opinion that this season will show us whether $3.8M is a bargain or not. But 8-4 doesnt warrant much of a raise IMO. And personally i think we will possess a record of better than 8-4 at the end of the 2020 season.
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    Things that you would change about the game if you could.

    Seriously? I have seen it multiple times and expect to see it used more and more.
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    Here's The College Football News Analysis Of The 2020 Tennessee Football Team

    Why are they toss ups? They have less talent and at best equal coaching.
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    Consensus Top 10...well done CJP

    You like those dead horses dont ya. Being able to discuss a subject without repeating the same talking point is a sign of intelligence. Not being able to do that....

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