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    ESPN: The best college comebacks we ever saw (Miracle at South Bend)

    Notre Dame's power offense disappeared the second half of that game and did not reappear until the second half Sugar Bowl win against Florida.
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    $/ Corona/eligibility

    Considering that Vanderbilt is paying for full scholarships on most of their players, it would be quite expensive for the school to pay. Despite their recent success, it does not break even. Even though the school is a "taker" that sucks more from the SEC than it possibly provides overall. Even...
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    Old Logo question

    Appreciate the edit. I was thinking someone was having a bad quarantine morning. It's not my favorite logo. I love the classing interlocking UT (below) that is rarely used anymore the best. Should be the primary logo for the baseball uniforms and caps. Just love that this logo is associated with...
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    Old Logo question

    Watched the 86 Sugar Bowl last night after hearing Dale Jones on local radio I really only remember the logo used by ABC for that season and never see it on a list of retro logos. Does anyone have a clean copy of this logo for me to use as wallpaper or something. Always liked this "dragoon"...
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    PBS Streaming Sports Vids For Free

    MLB Network plays the series frequently. Of course with ads though. I like the series. However, there is way too much talk about the Red Sox.
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    Lindsey Nelson Stadium

    I believe one of the options that actually makes sense is the removal of the upper deck and redoing it . This would allow the creation of open concourses with concessions facing the filed like is commonplace in new stadiums. A smaller upper deck with suites and possible loge seating and a...
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    Hello Monday Morning

    D1 baseball has moved Vols up to #20 D1Baseball Top 25: UCLA Makes Move, Three New Teams Enter • D1Baseball Even Baseball America got off their a$$es and moved the Vols up to #18 College Baseball Top 25 Rankings RPI wise, we're still in the 40s 2020 College Baseball RPI (Live) |...
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    Baseball hat

    Fits great 59Fifty for the price better fit good
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    Baseball hat

    Bought this beauty after the game on Tuesday night Did not have my size at the stadiumn but went to nearby VolShop next to campus Partying like it's 1995 Nice New Era 59Fifty. Size 7-3/4> Not cheap at $34 Used to buy an official on field cap everyseason. Wore them out every year. Then they...
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    Orange and White Game with Baseball

    Orange & White game date set. Time is TBD I note the Florida baseball game that same date is TBD as well. They are currently a Top-5 pick in a few polls. Looks like it's going to be a good weekend to be on campus. Only 2 sports at home though I guess we'll wait for SEC Network to pick the...
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    2020 Baseball Schedule

    does it seem that Tennessee - no matter the staff is always one of the latest to release a schedule This is what we do know conference wise 3/13-3/15 3/20-3/22 3/26-3/28 LSU at home. (Thur-Sat) 4/3-4/5 4/10-4/12 at Alabama (Easter Weekend) 4/17-4/19 Florida at home 4/24-4/26 at Georgia...
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    UT Is 2nd Seed in Greenville, North Carolina Regional

    Hope this remains true. Going to OBX this weekend and could make a little bit of a detour or backtrack to see a game or two.
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    Ole Miss vs Tennessee Game #2 Friday at 6:30 ET

    A win on Saturday guarantees 7th place with obvious tiebreaker over Rebels. That would mean a game against Auburn as the standings are now. that would be the second game of morning session with the winner playing the #2 seed I think tonight's gets Vols to be a 2 seed in regional. But there's...
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    Ole Miss vs Tennessee Game #2 Friday at 6:30 ET

    Updated Aggies winning takes 6th off the table. Every other score fell the Vols way. 1. Vanderbilt*..........22-7 2. Miss. State*........20-9 3. Arkansas*...........20-9 4. Georgia+............20-9 5. LSU....................17-12 6. Texas A&M.........15-13-1 7...

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