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    2020 Baseball Schedule

    does it seem that Tennessee - no matter the staff is always one of the latest to release a schedule This is what we do know conference wise 3/13-3/15 3/20-3/22 3/26-3/28 LSU at home. (Thur-Sat) 4/3-4/5 4/10-4/12 at Alabama (Easter Weekend) 4/17-4/19 Florida at home 4/24-4/26 at Georgia...
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    UT Is 2nd Seed in Greenville, North Carolina Regional

    Hope this remains true. Going to OBX this weekend and could make a little bit of a detour or backtrack to see a game or two.
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    Ole Miss vs Tennessee Game #2 Friday at 6:30 ET

    A win on Saturday guarantees 7th place with obvious tiebreaker over Rebels. That would mean a game against Auburn as the standings are now. that would be the second game of morning session with the winner playing the #2 seed I think tonight's gets Vols to be a 2 seed in regional. But there's...
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    Ole Miss vs Tennessee Game #2 Friday at 6:30 ET

    Updated Aggies winning takes 6th off the table. Every other score fell the Vols way. 1. Vanderbilt*..........22-7 2. Miss. State*........20-9 3. Arkansas*...........20-9 4. Georgia+............20-9 5. LSU....................17-12 6. Texas A&M.........15-13-1 7...
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    Ole Miss vs Tennessee Game #2 Friday at 6:30 ET

    Saw Chris Freeman take a comebacker off his jaw in first game of SEC East tourney in 1993 Came back for regional in Knoxville to pitch with his jaw wired shut. Tough guy
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    Ole Miss vs Tennessee Game #2 Friday at 6:30 ET

    Good guys can still finish as high as 6th place in the conference. Finishing in the top half of the conference would be a milemarker for this program. The top 4 seeds are locked in and will have byes to the round robin play. Vanderbilt, Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi state. These 4 teams are...
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    Tennessee vs Tennessee Tech Game Thread - Now

    Bob bringing up non conference got me in a research state of mind. Appy State (3-0) 21-28 12-14 in Sunbelt (5 of 6 in East Division ahead of woeful GaState Northern Kentucky (1-0) 13-38 11-16 in Horizon (4 of 6) Indiana (3-0) 33-18 14-7in B1G (2 of 13) Liberty (1-0) 35-16 14-7 in...
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    Baseball Stadium Construction Race

    Florida breaks ground on $65M baseball stadium We are throwing a lot of money now at a stadium that I don't think can ever be brought up to level of our peers in the SEC East (maybe except Mizzou and Vandy) If we feel the need to compete, do we throw all this recently spent money away and...
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    Vol baseball approved for artificial turf in LNS

    just a novice in artificial turf field, but is that brown section between 2nd and 3rd and the section of foul grass between home and 1st going to start matching the rest of the field soon? I see they have apparently laid down all the carpet and have started putting down the in-fill this...
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    Vol baseball approved for artificial turf in LNS

    this pitiful weather is surely slowing down the work to a crawl. Still a big muddy lot today, Like the old intramural fields in my day.
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    Stadium Expansion

    Interesting article in News-Sentinel today that touched on stadium a bit Knox-News article Also requested to be closed is the whole length of Todd Helton Drive, from Volunteer to its end at Chamique Holdsclaw Drive and Pat Head Summitt Street, a distance of about 2,300 feet. The stated...
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    Vol baseball approved for artificial turf in LNS

    Vanderbilt turf took a lot of getting used to, especially with sliding into bases. Several players on both home and visiting teams have slide several feet past 2nd base and tagged out.
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    2019 schedule hints

    looks like the SEC schedule for Vols will be: (If my calculations are correct) 3/15-17 @ Auburn 3/22-24 South Carolina 3/29-31 @ Vanderbilt 4/5-4/7 Mississippi State 4/12-4/14 UGA <===== Orange & White? 4/19-4/21 @ Kentucky...
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    Tennessee to play Alabama in baseball the Friday before the football game

    i see elsewhere the Vols are playing Georgia State in Fall game on Sunday Oct 7th at the complex in Cartersville, GA.
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    2019 schedule hints

    schedule to play MTSU on 2/27 at home - don't see a return trip

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