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    Edit: N865UT is on the ground now in concord, NC. *edit again. Pointed toward Oxford.

    Unless they dont file a flight plan and turn their transponder off, every aircraft is trackable since the FAA gives that information away for free.
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    Frank Reich

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    Coaches Vetted

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    A deeper look into Tony Elliott at Clemson. A data based examination

    Is this the dude who didn't make their CFP game and Dabo said "We will be fine" then they got their asses kicked?
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    What if White stands pat with Steele?

    Saying Coach Dykes would always make me smirk.
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    Post your coaching pick

    Some Dude
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    Henry T staying...

    You must have missed the Gruden posts before Pruitt...
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    Henry T staying...

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    Henry T staying...

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    It’s not that bad.

    I wouldn't say UT lost a lot of games because of bad QB play, but they sure AF didn't win a bunch because of it.
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    Amateur Hour Continues

    Not even a week in and the excuses for epic failure are starting to fly: Biden balances optimism and realism about a pandemic Americans are ready to be over - CNNPolitics 15,000+ deaths since Biden took office. 4,000,000 promised vaccines not delivered.
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    New Name: PJ Fleck Being Vetted

    Sounds like some sort of GenZ mafia mantra.
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    New Name: PJ Fleck Being Vetted

    UT could do a lot worse than Fleck. Wait, they already have... At least Fleck dresses like an adult while on the sidelines. That would be an instant upgrade over the last doofus.

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