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    Capt. William D. Swenson MOH

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    The Sky Isnt Falling!!

    Will be a good game.
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    The bible excuse is used as a way to hate gay people

    Was seen on The West Wing several years ago, too, to an extent. It was good then, too. Bashing Bible bashers - YouTube
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    Anybody recognize the Ref that hurt us the most?

    Had UT won, the officiating and commentary would have still been atrocious. First non-PI call on UT, I was like, cool, they are letting them play. Same with the second. The two PI calls that resulted in 10 points for UGA were the same as the two non-calls. In the fumble that "should...
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    Willie Mack gave Lyles $1,500 for a...

    Wouldn't surprise me if the reason he isn't naming other schools just yet is because Yahoo! Sports/Rivals is paying him on a per dirt basis to drive "news reports." Wouldn't shock me at all to see one of those "other universities" named in a few months, with "Yahoo! Sports has found" in the...
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    Willie Mack gave Lyles $1,500 for a...

    Fair point, but I always like the saying "if I'm going down, I'm taking someone with me." ****, I guess that means he's taking us with him...
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    Willie Mack gave Lyles $1,500 for a...

    Might have been him and him alone, trying to score some "flare" points with the boss, and it caught up with him. Not sure why anyone would blackball themselves and label themselves dirty recruiters just to save Kiffin and company. Could see why someone would try to impress their employer...
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    A&M officially a member of the SEC

    Naw. He is complaining because LSU was stuck with Florida as a permanent East partner, and thought it was unfair that UT plays Bama and UGA plays Auburn, while LSU is stuck with Florida. Not quite sure his point, and stopped reading. I guess he wants things to be "fair" by rotating everyone...
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    A&M officially a member of the SEC

    If it is the guy that started the thread that A&M's permanent East opponent is Florida, the guy is a LSU fan.
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    Mice or some other vermin

    Oh man... thinking back to how I've killed a few mice in my day, I feel I may have once been a very demented individual. I have put more than one mouse through SERE and RIP. None survived the 5 mile fin.
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    Rod Wilks < K-9??

    Rod Wilks is kind to animals. Dooley calling him "average" though... Rod Wilks is also kind to coaches.
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    You can get Memphis fb tix w/a groupon..

    His son playing safety seems to suggest the opposite of helping the program.
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    You can get Memphis fb tix w/a groupon..

    Campus is basically Orange Mound. Which is what I said. Is it in the historic defined boundaries of Orange Mound? No. It is defacto orange mound, just as much of the entire 38111 zipcode is basically orange mound. I know... it is my zipcode. I live right across the street from the...
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    You can get Memphis fb tix w/a groupon..

    You realize that UM is basically in Orange Mound, right? And that the Liberty Bowl is about 3 miles or so from campus, right? Down Central, no less, bordering Chickasaw Gardens and Memphis Country Club. The distance to the practice field, on Getwell, is about 2.5... on Getwell. People...
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    You can get Memphis fb tix w/a groupon..

    Why? They are a commuter school... why would they need an on campus stadium?

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