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    Tennessee vs The Maxims vs Florida

    Thank you OMG. Outstanding as always.
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    Hooker 3rd place for Heisman race per Draft Kings

    It's a media darling contest. Nothing more. Majors lost to "The Golden Boy" Hornung who was on a 2-8 Notre Dame team. Shuler lost to a basketball player from FSU and Peyton lost to a DB. What did they all have in common? The media at the time was pushing them. Not about the best player. If it...
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    ‘23 FL WR Aidan Mizell (Florida commit)

    Lack of competition.
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    Interesting quote from the Coach

    Did you even look at the video you provided? The tackle at the knees didn't cause this injury. If you're going to try to stir $&^), at least don't bring video proof of how wrong you are.
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    '22 Recruiting Forum: Official Pittsburgh Pregame/Game Thread

    Looks like its going to another season of missed opportunities and letdowns.
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    '22 Recruiting Forum: Official Ball State Pregame/Game Thread

    Our 3rd down efficiency wasn’t anything to brag about. But our defense did a much better job.
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    '22 Recruiting Forum: Official Ball State Pregame/Game Thread

    Pretty obvious that our D isn't going to win us games.
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    Asking for prayers

    Prayers sent.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Could they get an easier schedule?????
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Or he starts looking at a fallback 3 star that magically becomes a 4 star
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Goose bumps! CANNOT WAIT to be there!
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    ‘23 MO EDGE Chandavian Bradley (Tennessee Commit)

    It amazes me how they continue to move kids around in the rankings with no empirical evidence whatsoever. The fact that they move Bradley down after his commitment and are moving Osborne up right before his commit to Bama is making their motives completely transparent.

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