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    Racing Simulator Cockpit

    How do you like the VR? Been debating on either doing this or the 3 monitor set up
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    Racing Simulator Cockpit

    Wish I had one. Just use the ole computer desk and 1 monitor. Logitech g29 wheel and pedal
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    Oculus Quest

    Thinking about getting one. I do a lot of Iracing and would be awesome with this but worried I would get nauseous.
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    Looks like Cristobal to Miami

    Such a cut throat business
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    Nobody Wants The Miami AD Job

    Looks like they are getting cristobal after all
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    Oklahoma Coaching Search

    Doesn’t want to be under his dad’s shadow.
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    Latest update on Josh Heupel's status

    Wont be surprised if bob stoops stays permanently. Kind of always felt this was the plan for Bob to come back. He was burnt out and wanted a break. Now hes itching to coach again and didnt want to go to just any school. Gave Lincoln his big break as OC then put a good word for him to be HC once...
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    Happy Thanksgiving, VolNation

    Happy thanksgiving!
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    *****FORUM DARK MODE beta version

    Love this. Thanks
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy thanksgiving!!
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    Mullen fired at Florida

    I think it started last year with the “we need to pack the stadium” speech last year. Lot of turmoil between him and the administration after that
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    It's happening [Dark Mode]

    Need black helmet. White helmet makes it look goofy
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    Barnes: “this group is getting it”

    Might as well fire Barnes and hire UCF’s bball coach now........
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    Ty Simpson to Bama

    3 years of coaching experience with Frost’s players

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