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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Vandy SEC Tourney Game Thread (Thursday 10:30AM EST SEC NETWORK)

    That's pretty much any Lady Vol forum. The regulars somehow think it's their forum and their Lady Vols and any comment elicits a quick and possessive 'get outta here, outsider' Some really weird folks there.
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Vandy SEC Tourney Game Thread (Thursday 10:30AM EST SEC NETWORK)

    I hear you PAW, but if the seeds hold out, we got the better draw. Fact is, gotta beat 'em all to be the champs.
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    Second base symbolism

    I think the announcer was playing off of an earlier interview with CTV, where he said Steenstra could be starting at first for a lot of teams, but right now he's stuck behind a 35 year old man....oops, just saw the one above me...sorry.
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    Second base symbolism

    They are silly 18 to 22 y.o. boys, except of course, Mike Honcho and Luc, who are both 35.
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    Pick'em - Hail State - Thursday Game

    I picked Vols 2-1. Too late to change my pick to Vol sweep, Old Timer? :):cool::):cool:
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    Pick'em Points Update 5/17

    Wish I had picked double tonight
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    Athletic article from today (5/17/22) on SEC scheduling

    Let's all just wait for Saint Nick to whine to his elves up in Birmingham. Guessing Alabubba will be playing Vandy three times a year. Could you imagine what NIL could do in a city like Nashville, a legit real city versus a sh_t hole like Birmingham, Alabama? Lucky for us Nashville couldn't...
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    Pick'em Points Update 5/17

    Dude, everybody loves a mascot. You are now and forever the VN mascot for picks. You should be awarded a day to hang out with Tony V, just for being a great sport
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    Pick'em Points Update 5/17

    From here on, I'm just going to check Mookie's picks and pick likewise.. :)
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    Nico and his Prada glasses @ Elite 11

    All in good fun.
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    Pick'em - Belmont - 5/17

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    Boom!!!!!!!!!!! Phillips to the Vols

    Well, this was
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    Players or School


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