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    Phillip Fulmer Hired as Special Advisor to the President

    Why is everyone using "Fulmer" in these posts? What happened to calling Phil "TCHFCUTK"? If we're using the way back machine, let's do it right.
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    Why is American Football called American "Foot"ball

    They also deleted all the skits where Buck Henry played the pedophile babysitter to Gilda Radner and Laraine Newman
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    Why is American Football called American "Foot"ball

    This thread also reminded me a skit on SNL which I've searched for but apparently the Woke police have purged from the internet. Did find some screen shots and the lyrics. We are kickers We kick ball We play with ball We kick the ball I am Raul I'm kick machine I play for seven different...
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    Update on the Investigation from Danny White

    Wrong. She walked away from the house on the shore, Whitecaps.
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    Neyland Stadium

    Does sheer size matter more than being proficient in using what you have ?
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    Neyland Stadium

    I remember one of the past proposals was to add an area on top of the existing scoreboard in the south endzone with standing area, Hightower tables, bar, etc.
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    Section S and T new chairback donation cost

    Amenities appear to be similar to Tennessee Terrace so I suspect the cost will be similar. But being lower level, it is a better seating location so may be more. I didn't make a large enough donation in March to renew my north endzone seats for 2021 but in April received an offer from the UTAD...
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    UFO 60 minute interview

    Makes a compelling argument these are likely Russian or Chinese drones attempting to collect data on advanced US radar and other detection technologies. Adversary Drones Are Spying On The U.S. And The Pentagon Acts Like They're UFOs
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    Gray baseball hat

    Order direct from Chinese counterfeiters at dhGate. Tennessee Baseball Jersey May take a while though.
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    Vitello Getting Paid

    So can we officially move on from the "AD / President / Chancellor / Administration is too cheap and/or doesn't care about athletics" rants if Vitello does get a lucrative contract?
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    Transition difficulty

    From the title,I thought this was a thread about Kaitlyn Jenner
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    Chicago Mayor only doing one on one interviews with black or brown journalists

    Lori Lightfoot Flees In Terror After Thomas Sowell Takes Her Up On Offer For Black People To Interview Her

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