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    Am I the only one who noticed

    You can have flags thrown for both. The referee is the only official that calls intentional grounding. The umpire or anyone else with eyeballs and yellow flags should’ve thrown theirs. There were multiple fouls on the play. IG is the only that could be enforced. He is just pointing out how f’n...

    Colin Powell Died

    My father is a Retired Army Major. He is a Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Iraq War Veteran. I know several retired officers that say and think the same things about him. A majority of Americans on the right and most certainly on the left thought that of him. As much as Saddam Hussein needed to be...

    Am I the only one who noticed

    That’s what I’m saying. He was trying to sell the hand off so hard but it got blown up by our guys. Crickets from the SEC on that game changing call. That was literally the difference for us having the win. A QB pleading ignorance with his HC shouldn’t sway officials to make a phantom whistle...

    Vols Picked 4th in SEC, UK Picked to Win SEC

    Doesn’t matter where they put us. When we beat them all they can rethink their life choices leading up to posting that Here is a whole collection of their pics….

    Am I the only one who noticed

    I saw it. When you have an umpire and referee both standing near a QB that claims he heard a phantom whistle...while 21 other players and every official on the field continues the QB fake a hand off then stand like a statue while one defender wraps him up and the other pry the...

    Lane Kiffin

    Maybe he should’ve legally changed it to Cal for Southern California….then Bam for Alabama…then Atlan for Florida Atlantic…and now Toddy for Ole Miss. Bunch of damn battered wives in here…

    Lane Kiffin

    It’s like “Battered Wife Syndrome” with these ignorant Kiffin lovers. He beats on you all day behind your back, comes home drunk, beats you/your kids/your dog…leaves you in the middle of the night for a rich divorcée…they get married…he tries to start his $#!T with her & her family but she’s got...

    T shirt idea: “the New Neyland: we’ve got balls”

    It was as stupid as possibly stupid could be. On the flip side….Ole Miss fans quickly forget about this incident a few years back… Ole Miss fans shower court with trash after controversial last-second loss to No. 7 Tennessee

    Down Goes Florida!! Down Goes Arkansas!! Down Goe Ole......

    To think we were a missed FG and 3 dropped runaway TD passes from that Florida game having a completely different outcome. We have them a war for 3 quarters with zero depth. Either way….watching Florida fans turn on Mullen in epic fashion while most likely saving Orgeron’s job is hilarious...

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Ole Miss

    TENNESSEE 52 OLE MISS 42 Total Yards 915

    Consider the source, just another opinion but

    All that money and not a damn championship to show for it.

    4th in the country in scoring offense vs.

    Our defense can’t be as exhausted as there’s. Remember they played a very physical game against Bama, then followed it up with a track meet last Saturday, and now a 3rd track meet with us to boot. Meanwhile our defense sat starters Saturday and has played 2 back to back easier games. Our...

    4th in the country in scoring offense vs.

    Been saying it all along about this game. We still field a strong defense. They field bodies to simply say a defense is on the field. I think we will get more stops on them than they will on us. Our defense is ranked 45th in Total Defense while they are ranked 102nd. We are 30th in Run Defense...

    Vols' offense parallels 2013 Auburn through six games

    Sure we are getting better with the deep balls but this is a power run first offense that utilizes the #’s game in or out of the box. There hasn’t been a bad or even average type game called by Heupel yet. It has more so been Milton missing would be TD passes to really nail the head in the...

    SIAP-Why fans shouldn’t be worried after Tennessee Vols’ rough second half against South Carolina

    It is a learning curve. 1. This team had a different starting QB that missed multiple wide open easy TD passes to make the 1st three games 55+point victories. This would’ve allowed them to really play run clock style football. 2. You have a QB switch who now has to be able to handle and learn...

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