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    Something nagging at me

    Beamer was a GA at Tennessee when Ainge was the QB. He's claimed on his show that doesn't have anything to do with it, but hard to believe that it doesn't.
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    Coach Kellie Harper I am behind you 100%

    And since the 29 against Ohio State, they’ve turned it over 18 times in a win over UMass, 15 times in a loss to Indiana, 21 times (only 7 by the starters) in a blowout win over Rutgers, and 14 each in losses to UCLA and Gonzaga. I realize there are some people that aren’t happy with any number...
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    Traditional Unis Saturday

    Brother, the plan was for them to wear these at South Carolina since the first few of them started arriving in the summer. The only question was whether all of the helmets from all of the different companies were going to get painted and delivered in time. Once that happened, more than three...
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    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    I assume so. The green sweatshirts from Saturday just hit stores today, the supply chain issues are still awful for Nike right now.
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    Jeremy Pruitt future DC at Bama....

    He's getting a show-cause by the end of the year. Alabama didn't bring him in after he got fired by the Giants last year for that exact reason.
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    LV Volleyball

    Just got an extension last year, she’s set through at least next season. Administration understands the difference in the roster she thought she would have after spring practice versus the one that has actually been on the court this season to this point.
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    Unis for UF?

    Three reasons, and I'll let you guess which is actually the driver here. 1. It looks awesome for night games. 2. They ordered a full set of black helmets that could easily be auctioned off to cover the cost, but would better be used again. 3. Black is obviously a stock color for Nike, meaning...
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    Unis for UF?

    Scratch this. Dark mode is staying in the rotation, it appears, even with the annual Smokey Grey program.
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    Uniforms ..what do you think?

    They're not going to put an alternate logo on the helmets.
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    Uniforms ..what do you think?

    All but certain they're going with the all-white this weekend. Orange helmet and orange pants at SC in three weeks.
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    Walter Nolen question

    Most of those deals have stipulations on them that require a player to make personal appearances, or at least be available to sign autographs, it’s not a straight cash transaction. So as soon as he wasn’t present at one of those deals, his money would be cut off anyway.
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    Tennessee Jed?

    It was used on the video board for the montage that ran between the third and fourth quarters for several years. They quit using it because they wanted to be able to post the videos to the web afterwards, and could not get the digital rights to do so. It’s why you see them use the same song...
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    Are these helmets gonna be worn?

    You will see the black one this week. I’ve been told the orange one will only appear on the road with white jerseys, but 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    Decals are the last thing applied. I was surprised the stripe was already on it.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    They didn't start breaking in the black helmets today for nothing. You'll see dark mode on the 30th.

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