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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

    hold on
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    Coach Brumbaugh and the DL

    I think Brumbaugh is going to be a star, but the DL had a really bad game against SC. Pressure came from OLBs, primarily. If you look at the stats, our DL had 2 tackles all night: one by Elijah Simmons and the other by Omari Thomas. Matthew Butler had one QB hurry. Guys like Butler...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Georgia just took this dude, which means he will become a 4* 90 at the next update.
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    '21 TN OL Jmarion Jenkins-Gooch (Tennessee commit)

    shoutout to this guy for putting his cashapp in his twitter profile
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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson

    Respectfully, you guys are out of your mind if you don't think Simpson is the future if Tennessee football.
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    UTK Chancellor: No tailgating on campus

    Sucks, but this is the right decision.
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    '21 FL CB Jason Marshall (Florida commit)

    Honestly not trying to be a dick with this question: Lingard, Grimes and Shorter all have injury red flags. Cox has an attitude red flag. Do any of those make you nervous?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Former UGA OL Isaiah Wilson did a podcast and talked about recruiting. Bussin' With The Boys - Isaiah Wilson & Jamil Douglas
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    '20 GA CB Kamar Wilcoxson (Florida commit x3)

    You're not going to believe this, but Kamar Wilcoxson just made a decision without really thinking it through.
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    '22 TN QB Ty Simpson

    If I was only offering one QB at a time, Ewers would be my pick too.

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