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    TN 2020 post season (NIT appreciation thread)

    Maybe making the NIT is par for the course but calling it an over achievement is laughable.
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    NCAA Tournament chances

    I go a little overboard but my point is that we need more Q1 wins and VCU is the only non conference one we have and is very likely to go away. SOS is meaningless if you didn't actually beat anyone worth a salt.
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    NCAA Tournament chances

    I'm tired of hearing about how great of win VCU was. You would think they are the Magic/Kareem Lakers of the early 80's. They are barely in the net top 50 and probably want be by seasons end. We simply lack quality wins. We will get our chance in the next 3+ weeks but we have to do something...
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    What Barnes wants from Nkamhoua, Plavsic

    ON has been a lot better lately. He looks like he is just playing ball and not thinking too much out there.
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    My gripe with Jalen

    He just isn't very good. Nothing has changed except maybe a little more agressiveness on defense. There just isn't anyone else to turn to at this point. If he is in the rotation next year things have gone very wrong.
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    USCe on the road

    Isaiah Joe. 16 points and 4 rebounds a game. Don't get me wrong we have had injury problems as much as anyone. I'm just stating that South Carolina is playing at a higher level than Arkansas in their current state.
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    10-8 Conference record,18-13 overall

    Which tells me that selection committee should be giving out more bids to mid majors. Who knows if they will do that. We desparately need more quad one wins to get in.
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    10-8 Conference record,18-13 overall

    Well obviously I'm not on the selection committee so it's an opinion. I based my opinion on the fact that the SEC just isn't very strong.
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    10-8 Conference record,18-13 overall

    Sorry, 18 wins is NIT territory. However, it would put us in a position to get in with a strong SEC Tournament.
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    USCe on the road

    It will take our best game of the season. This is not like facing a struggling Arkansas at home missing their best player. This is one of the most upward trending teams in the country on the road.
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    Bowdens game

    He has missed point blank layups all season long. To me that is more disturbing than a three point shooting slump. Having said this, his drives to the basket are still one of our best offensive options simply because we don't have a lot of quality options.
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    NCAA Tournament chances

    That's not enough. We didn't actually beat any quality teams in the non conference. A couple of ok teams is about it. At least 11 wins in conference to be on the bubble.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #15 Kentucky Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, CBS

    There was one call that everybody was up in arms that was called on Fulky that gets called every time. Not sure if your referencing this paticular call. He let Richards get on his hip. Even though there wasn't a whole lot of contact, when you get beat like that, it gets called every time...
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    Season wrap up thoughts

    Didn't say to not play him. We don't have enough to fill out a rotation anyway. I would start him but cut 10 or 15 minutes off his playing time for the game.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #15 Kentucky Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, CBS

    If you were starting from scratch as a coach at either program you would have a better chance of making a Final Four or a National Championship at UCLA but from were Barnes was sitting at the time I don't believe even that would be the case. He was obviously in on some big time recruits and had...

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