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    ‘22 TN SF Brandon Miller

    It's over an hour from Keon's home town of Shelbyville to Nashville. Not sure I would count that.
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    Investigation Update - The Athletic

    Self imposing a bowl ban this year would be a great move after we lost our 7th game. NCAA would probably not even catch on to what we were doing.
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    Coach K

    Five titles are extremely impressive but let's face it, 300 teams are not in the hunt. It's more like 30 programs or so that are actually capable of winning a championship.
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    For the Diehards....

    I think this season and this era of UT baseball is for everyone who wears orange. Not just the diehards. It's hard for college baseball to get the buzz it needs to grow as a sport. How many hard core football and even basketball fans just haven't gotten the exposure to the baseball team they...
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    Developing one and dones is how you win the games that matter at the end of the season.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    Yeah, Barnes has to put this one and done talent on the floor and let it develop. It he doesn't then he is wasting scholarships and wasting these kid's time.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    SV just doesn't have the speed to advance the ball and gets stoned in the backcourt by his defender. This kills your transition offense. Once set up in the half court his skill set is good at creating and providing offense. He is half of a good point guard so to speak.
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    When the day comes who is our next mens bb coach?

    Then the coach at Auburn would literally be our coaches daddy instead the figurative type he is now.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    Yeah, we have had good results against them but they are still the gold standard and just a year removed from being the best team. Not sure why anybody sees Kentucky as anything other than the team to beat until proven otherwise. One down year is not gonna change that.
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    If I was Few I would try to find a creative way to get a couple of big time opponents on my January and February schedule. Maybe you could have another bracket buster event that pitts the very best outside of the power 5s and schedule another big time opponent. I do think the long gap between...
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    He doesn't necessarily have to be a scorer but too often he is an offensive liability out there. That's a problem.
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    Will Rick Barnes get us to a Final 4

    Barnes, is most likely never getting us to the promise land but I think he will leave us in a better position for the next guy to do so.
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    Transfer Portal Thread

    Hopefully he is watching the tournament and noticing that the teams that are winning can shoot the rock. This whole idea of getting a bunch of 6-7 athletic guys that can switch on defense and cover multiple positions doesn't work unless they can dribble and shoot as well.
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    Rick Barnes discussion [merged]

    Are you saying that the university enjoys writting a check for 5 million to a coach with mediocre results? They probably didn't get a lot of joy from it when we were winning.
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    All Power 5s have a project or two on their roster. Our problem is we have half a roster of them.

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