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    NIL Partnership for Tennessee

    It can be both. It could have been in the works for a while (broad term), and they can still be way behind (which they are). The two ideas aren't mutually exclusive. Tony has been adamant that Barnes was extremely disappointed/frustrated this summer, with Tennessee's lack of preparation with...
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    NIL Partnership for Tennessee

    I made a post about it last week (then deleted it). FWIW, Basilio reported on this story, last week. But what could he possibly know about Tennessee and NIL?
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    '20 GA WR Ricky White (Michigan State Commit)

    It was literally impossible for Tillman to be a bust. He was #1677 nationally. He was either going to overachieve, or he was going to be nothing, just like analysts expected with his ranking.
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    BTO’s Colorado Postgame Report

    John Ward was a paid employee of the university to be a homer, not an ESPN or Fox Sports broadcaster whose aim should be neutrality. Tennessee fans tuned in to hear him be pro-Tennessee. Same way Larry Munson was unapologetically pro-Georgia, or Eli Gold is pro-Alabama. Not really an apples...
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    BTO’s Colorado Postgame Report

    It was meant as a comparison of the quality of broadcasters and production you see from an ESPN broadcast for a sizable OOC matchup involving a top-15 team as opposed to the poor quality of each that Fox Sports put out there. Like Hamer, or not, a game like that on ESPN is out of his league...
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    Big Time NIL Deal - VQ Podcast

    Ehh, probably not. Hasn't stopped NFLers from making some dumb mistakes that cost them a ton of money. See: Henry Ruggs
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    BTO’s Colorado Postgame Report

    Don’t take it so literal with regards to any sentiment of Hamer. It wasn’t a slam on him.
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    2021-22 Desktop Wallpaper Schedule help.

    [VIDEO=] Have you checked UTMBB official Twitter account? Not certain if one is there, or not, but probably a good place to start.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    To be clear, I was responding to the idea that Ergen "doesn't have a ton of money because he gives a lot of it away", not the belief that he SHOULD give away 90% of his money.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Come on...he has a net worth of $10 billion. Even if he gave away 90% of his money/assets, he's still a billionaire.
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    I do expect it to be a de-facto home game for Tennessee, as there are clearly more Tennessee fans in the mid-state than Memphis fans. Plus, I expect our local fans to travel much better. That should only help to work in our favor.
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    BTO’s Colorado Postgame Report

    I figured as much given that the Pac12 and Fox Sports have a contract together. Still, it seemed like the kind of low-rent homer broadcast analysis that we'd get from Steve Hamer and Vincent Yarbrough in a Tennessee vs UT-Martin type matchup. It gives me a greater appreciation of the SEC...
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    BTO’s Colorado Postgame Report

    1. Officials were awfully inconsistent and simply wrong on a couple calls. 2. Announcers were clearly pro-Colorado/pro-Pac12. Glad we don't play any games on that sorry Fox network.

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