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    Vol uniform/helmet design discussion (merged)

    http:// new helmets baby!
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    Tyler Bray tweet

    good statement Tyler, I agree.. our fan base is a joke it seems like.. im sticking with ya!:good:
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    Are there ANY Dooley believers left out there?

    this is exactly why we cant get 5 star recruits cause you negative fans bashing our coaching staff and recruits see this and go jump on Sabans Wagon... congrats , next coach will be the same turnout more than likely.
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    Are there ANY Dooley believers left out there?

    I love Coach Dooley.. wouldnt want another coach. period..
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    The Rock is even tired of it....

    some fan base... go jump on a bandwagon and shove it.. Dooley gets thrown under the bus for WHAT REASON? because our special teams and defense SUCKS!!!!!!! gosh its like you all are 5 yrs old, everytime we drop a ball, yall get on here and bash someone, GET A LIFE!
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    This fan base is just embarrassing

    I couldnt agree more!:good!: Those "so called fans" need to quit posting their high school immaturity on here saying"Bray sucks, Fire Dooley!" etc.. its ridiculous. VOLFORLIFE! Great post!
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    Praying Before Game WILL NOT BE STOPPED AT UT (merged)

    smh.. what a shame.. im a 18 yr old preacher, & im the one youll be seeing with the"Keep prayer in Neyland " sign this saturday ... God Bless.
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    Grow up....

    couldnt have said it better my friend.. its pathetic when we got these "fans" on here bashing our players and coaches...
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    Dooley's future at UT (merged)

    Really?? Are you 12? Like you could do any better? CDD is the finest fit for a Tennessee Head Coaching job i dont care what anyone says.. He has great southern hospitality, SEC raised, and he has a lot of football knowledge.. it aint his fault our players cant get the job done in the 2nd half.
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    Where to buy Vol gear

    definetly the University Bookstore . Place lights my eyes up like a kid on christmas when I walk in :)
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    Birthday or Engagements at Neyland?

    Lol. nice. Im gonna do it probably where they painted that big T on the walkway where the vol walk is and and have Neyland Stadium as my backdrop
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    Sitting In The Rain?

    you literally just made my day sir:)
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    Birthday or Engagements at Neyland?

    im poppin the question this saturday! hold the applause lol
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    Official Pick the Score Contest, win a gift card: Georgia State

    TN -41 CP-118 rc yards! V-O-L-S.. V-O-L-S GO VOLS GO!!!
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    It's gonna rain Saturday.

    hopin the rain doesnt do much.. maybe a little 5 minute summer shower.. but im still excited either way! GO VOLS GO!

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