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    David Shaw at Stanford has always been on my short list for a UT coach

    Darn I just missed you I was at your house talking (at least I think that's what the kids are calling it nowadays) to your wife or may have been your GF. :cool:
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    David Shaw at Stanford has always been on my short list for a UT coach

    Mine are.. Sean Payton, Bill Bellichek, Kyle Shannahan, Sean Mcvay, Brian Kelley, Urban Meyer, Pete Carroll, Andy Reid, Mike Tomlin, Dabo Sweeney, Kliff Kingsbury. I think that's about it I don't know for sure this list might change over time give or take a few.
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    Matt Campbell Iowa State

    If anything he would use UT to get an extension and a big fat raise at ISU ala mullet head.
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    Matt Campbell Iowa State

    I don't think Campbell would come to Tennessee. I just think this University has been reaching for to long since Fulmer left. The hiring process has been horrible and IMO it is going to take a long of time to dig out of this hole. I may not live long enough to see another steady winning UT...
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    What happens if Harrison Bailey transfers out after this year.

    If HB transfers then Pruitt better pack his bags.
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    Jeremy Pruitt Show

    This is the way it goes. "We need to Aight right there. " "And on this play we didn't Aight" Uhhhhhh. Ummmmm.
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    On the Doug Matthews Show...

    Matthews is a "Yes" man he will never disagree with the admin or program. He's only butt hurt at kiffin because he was actually taking the team somewhere then just up and left for USC. I quit listening to Matthews always sunny and no partly cloudy. Gray and the Oline were the only bright...
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    Trey Smith Quote hits hard

    I like my old mechanic until he messes something up then when a new fixes the mistake he made he becomes the best thing since sliced bread.
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    Some positives...

    Right now Gray is playing above everyone else. If these young WR's had a darn QB that could throw the ball to them they would be shining to.
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    Crompton and Stanley nails it

    And that is the strange thing he used to rip into the players for mistakes. He even grabbed a kids facemask one time and oh did the press have a day with that.
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    JG could be the first...

    I want to say something about him but I have run out of things to say...... There's not enough adjectives to use for him....
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    Fire Pruitt

    Got mopped up by a team that has been off for 21 days. And don't get me started on the most incompetent QB to ever put on cleats, the only thing he's done since he's been at UT is put on weight. This **** has been old for a while. I think Pruitt went into this year has a throw away year and...
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    Pruitt keeps his job if...

    This admin has been on the clock since Fulmer quit. They continually wet the bed contract after contract. My faith in them hiring a competent HC is at 10%.
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    I want Hugh Freeze (merged)

    Repeat again. UT's admin does not have the balls to hire any coach that has any type of baggage.
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    Coach Doug Mathews Show

    Matthews is a company man he does not go against the current.

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