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    Playoff Picks!

    I'll be shocked if they don't rematch the two SEC entries in the first round. Looking at the $$$ and potential for attracting for 3 games the greatest possible nationwide viewership of key (money-spending) demographics (and that is exactly what every person with any influence on these matchups...
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    The Official #13 Tennessee @ Colorado Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, FS1

    Oh, no! Here we go with the Black & Orange debate again!
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Okay, I lied. This would be a massive, multiple-universe churning, social inertia-in-reverse, epic of cosmic proportions test case. But give it a try anyway, huh guys? When we know it's safe, we can try it on Evans and some top DLs and LBs.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I think we need to start with a smaller test case, just to prove the concept. "BruisedOrange meets a special lady ... BruisedOrange meets a special lady ... BruisedOrange meets a special lady." C'mon, everybody! Keep it up for one week and let's see what happens!"
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    '22 TN WR Xavier Gaillardetz

    I wonder if he needs to record and post fresh times in the 40. Usually there's a dropoff from sprinter speed to football speed, but Xav just does not play at a 4.5 speed! But even if he does, he has the upper & lower body strength to create effective rubs, position himself against defenders...
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    BTO’s Presbyterian Postgame Report

    It's not a new pattern. We should recognize it by now. Guys don't get in the game until they've shown something they can do in practice (usually defensively, then on the boards, and finally, putting in points). Then, they get in the game and (cue 50 post-game interviews with Barnes) "he isn't...
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    Oklahoma SEC Dominance

    Oklahoma's schedule will be tougher in the SEC, but they will also gain a recruiting advantage for being in the conference. And they will be recruiting places in the midwest from which few current SEC schools have been harvesting. At some point in the future--if the injury numbers and NFL draft...
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    commitment today ? portal question ?

    I presume, nothing--as it should be. We fans are fans of the school. But foremost, a player chooses the coaches he's going to play for and learn from. It's all about the relationships, just like it is in recruiting. Most of those players chose the coach and staff, at least as much as they...
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    Has the transfer portal reduced the value of high school recruiting?

    I would say for certain it has increased the value of coaching & staff continuity. And, maybe, it has increased the market value of intangibles, like team-family, atmosphere, dedication, and other intangibles which bring out the best in a player.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Hugh Freeze will need to spend a few more years proving that he didn't just pull in at Liberty University to get the Earl Scheib treatment.
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    Tennessee Ranked #25

    IIRC, the various preseason polls had us between 60th and 90th. To improve to 25th is/would be a real recruiting bullet point. And for VolNation mathemateers and straightline trendplotters... that means if we can get a 2022 preseason ranking of 25th or better, we can end the season ranked 0th...
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    Defensive line next year ?

    Totally agree on the job Banks did this year. "Gimmicky" probably wasn't the best word. But we definitely will never be a traditional, hardnosed, make-you-earn-every-yard kind of defense. Strategically--because of our quick scoring or quick punting offense--I expect we will run risk/reward...
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    Defensive line next year ?

    I wonder if Nolan decided our necessary defensive schemes would be too gimmicky (to prepare him for the NFL), and prone to being out on the field for an inordinate amount of each game (increasing the likelihood of injury). I'm not sure either conclusion is true, but they're not illogical. This...
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    Defensive line next year ?

    And we would have lost 2 or 3 games if other teams had been able to stop our running QB. It's a problem for every defense, and designating a "spy" only compromises the rest of your defense. As Ole Miss demonstrated, even a spy can easily be negated by releasing an offensive lineman downfield...

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