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    Think about this.

    Just like the play clock malfunctioned in Neyland when Georgia was driving on us, only to be fixed when we got the ball back. I hope you were as upset about that one.
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    Win or Lose?

    There’s no way the Vols lose this game. Too much riding on it. Win and a there’s still a glimmer of hope for a bowl game. I’m predicting a 10-13 point win, but it won’t be in question after halftime. Our talent will continue to shine in this game and we’ll see this team start to come together...
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    OC and Local High School Coach ( NO Drama)

    I’m not a football coach at a major university, but does Chaney have time during football season to go drop in on his old friend every couple of weeks to shoot the breeze? Doesn’t he have practice, game planning, meetings and recruiting to be doing? If this story is true, I think I know why JG...
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    JG....... VOL FOR LIFE!!!

    And on this board, we’re calling Kirby classless for hitting a freshman qb too hard and calling a dead radio announcer disgraceful, while our fans boo our own player. It’s fine to think JG isn’t good (he’s not), but to boo a kid that has given his all for Tennessee? That’s classless and...
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    The no call pi at the end of he first half

    Actually, they didn’t call a blind side block, the announcers thought they should have, and the targeting was overturned. That was an example of the refs making the right call. Not sure how it supports the refs helping a team in the playoff hunt. They actually also called targeting on ga the...
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    Lets BEAT Miss State!!!

    If we can pick up the blitz, I see us scoring close to 30. Can we get pressure on them and create some tfls and turnovers? If we can, we walk away with this game.
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    Players and Coaches have to be separated on sideline

    Dude- the poster was asking for a TMZ headline, so I gave him one. Also, it’s bLinghampton baby!
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    Kirby is Classless

    Sometimes, it does feel like some kind of violation to be a Vols fan and get on this board.
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    Proud of how hard they fought but....

    I agree. There was depth issues, but the bigger issue was adjustments made or not made. Georgia made them and Chaney didn’t. A common complaint from Ga fans was that Chaney was great at scripting the first 20 plays, but then struggled to adjust. We saw that happen last night. I’m not claiming to...
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    Players and Coaches have to be separated on sideline

    Calbert was talking to Friend and noticed his girlfriend’s fake eyelashes were on Friend’s clipboard. He got hot and started looking for a gate to rip apart. Bryce Thompson came over and said he was so mad he was gonna shoot up the school. Jeremy Banks FaceTimed in and said he would shoot the...
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    Remember When Pruitt Was First Hired?

    I don’t understand why the returning players from before Pruitt arrived aren’t buying in. I mean, he told them his old Bama players were more important than them, then he got here and said they sucked and would be recruited over. Then the fan base calls them cancers and rats. Nice.
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    Quarterbacks that we totally whiffed on?

    Peyton was actually at TL’s first birthday party (it was a side hustle before his Nationwide commercials made him famous).
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    Pruitt Secures Job This Week...

    At least til next season. Not because he takes down UGA, (although I think the D will look improved out there), but because he has some excuses for the season if it turns into a 3 or 4 win year. He was forced to replace his third year starting qb with a true freshman. Surely he can’t be...

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