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    Offseason: Pick an annual OOC foe

    For being close to home, North Carolina, Clemson, Virginia, V Tech, NC State...... Not close to home, Nebraska, Texas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State.... Nebraska was my second favorite team when I was a kid. I loved watching Johnny Rodgers, he was great. And Ok State, watching Barry Sanders in...
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    '21 NC DT Payton Page (Clemson commit)

    I hope we get this kid, seems like he really likes the coaches.....
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    Destiny 2 (PS4 PS4 Pro Xbone PC)

    I love Gambit, Gambit Prime looks awesome....
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    Could it be Chaney?

    Dead period ends soon, this week...I do believe we will have a OC in place by mid week, Thursday at the latest so they can go recruit...
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    Destiny 2 (PS4 PS4 Pro Xbone PC)

    Been grinding a lot lately, some old exotic bounties and missions.... Heres some weapons ive received..... Exotic Sturm, Poaris Lance, Trinity Ghoul, Le Monarque, Black Talon, The Queenbreaker, Sleeper Simulant, Two-Tailed Fox....Also Blast Furnace which I love to use in PVP... Exotic armor...
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    Favorite Christmas Movie Thread

    Christmas Vacation Christmas with the Kranks Santa Clause 1 Home Alone
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    Signing Day Special on SEC Network At 12 p.m.

    I will be at Twin Peaks having a few beers for signing day... I think that's where Ainge and a few others will be... Signing day is like another holiday for me...
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    New Ranking after toppling #1

    Kansas Duke UT Zags Mich
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Vanderbilt

    Tennessee 27 Vandy 23 Rushing attempts 33
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    Central vs Catholic

    My Central Bobcats aren't getting any love.... Who do you all got this Friday? Hopefully Central can pull this one out... Central 27 Catholic 24
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    Tenn 29 Mizz 24 return yards 74
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs Charlotte

    Tennessee 38 49ers. 13. Jordan 74
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Tennessee vs Alabama

    Tenn 13 Bama 37 192 yards
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    The Rock/Metal Thread

    I'm not for saying damn but I like them all...
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    You think hiring a proven HC doesn't matter?

    I would say it's not the best environment to start your head coaching at a P5 school, but looking at the numbers it would hard not to. Looking at some numbers... Within FBS there is 128 schools and within FCS there is 124 schools. So as a whole, division 1 has 152 football programs. There's...

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