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    ‘23 JUCO WR Malik Benson

    You know we haven't had a commitment in 2 whole days so it's time for VN to either freak out about every remaining recruit or rehash talk of those we lost.
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    ‘23 JUCO WR Malik Benson

    Just throwing out another possibility that made sense in the Kasper saga. I know the rumor was that his dad was pissed about the offer made by Spyre, but that was never substantiated. He wasn't from Cali, so he would have had to reclassify to get any money this year.
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    ‘23 JUCO WR Malik Benson

    Not an insider, but Kasper also wanted to reclassify to the class of '22. I don't know if our staff was on board with that having taken 4 WR in the class already.
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    ‘23 AL S Sylvester Smith (Tennessee commit)

    Damn. Hopefully it's nothing. I really liked this kid's potential.
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    ‘23 AL S Sylvester Smith (Tennessee commit)

    You can't say that without giving validation
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    ‘23 GA OT Shamurad Umarov

    Hopefully both
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    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

    I agree. I can't remember if the interconference rules said they had to be in the portal by a certain date, or be accepted by a new program by a certain date. Someone with more knowledge please chime in.
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    ‘23 NC OLB Rico Walker

    Everybody has the same excuse if we beat them for a highly regarded recruit. It was only because NIL. Even some of our fans are guilty of the same logic. Why is it so difficult to give our coaches, fanbase, facilities, AD, current players as well as current commits, and the city of...
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    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

    No need to bash the kid. He has all the physical talent, but didn't seem to have the heart and determination to compete every single day. It happens. He gets to continue getting a college education for free though. My only issue is Kentucky's motivation in this. Do they have legitimate...
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    ‘23 GA LB Tyree Weathersby

    Not all kids have the resources or support to travel and participate in all these camps around the country. Even now, if your primary exposure is your Hudl film and you play for a team that isn't loaded with talent, or doesn't make the playoffs every year, you can easily be discounted by...
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    '24 GA ATH Johnathan Echols

    They used 2 tight ends and they also had a big receiver that they would use in the TE role. Especially in red zone situations. So you can look up player stats, or you can do what I've done and actually watch every game that Heupel coached while at UCF and compare them to how players are being...
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    ‘23 FL RB Treyaun Webb

    Word is that our coaches canceled his OV here. Apparently he was no longer a take for us or UF. If he is committing to the Gcocks, it's likely that he wasn't a take at Penn St. either. But you're right that there is something wonky with his recruitment.
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    '24 GA ATH Johnathan Echols

    What teams were you watching? His final 2 seasons at UCF, the TE was used efficiently and effectively. Especially considering he was working with guys who were not highly sought after prospects. If this kid wants to play TE, you let him be a nightmare for other teams in our offense.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    I'll be praying for you. Let go and let God!
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    '24 GA ATH Johnathan Echols

    Elite TE's are just as rare.

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