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    ‘23 IL WR Carnell Tate (Ohio State commit)

    He's not coming here. Coaches did everything they could. We'll get some good receivers.
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    Why are baseball sportsmanship rules so different than other sports?

    Players and coaches know the rules, whether they are fair or not. Both messed up and now it will hurt the team. Nobody but themselves to blame. This team had pushed the limits on sportsmanship one too many times and they finally got burned. There is a million ways to get fired up and show...
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    Can someone talk me off the ledge for Super Regionals. Been nervous since Tuesday.

    I'm a little nervous too. We struggled more than we should have (defense and pitching) last weekend. Hopefully they will be focused and ready to dominate ND.
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    I need prayers

    Sorry to hear you are experiencing this. My ex-wife left me abruptly 15 years ago, so I know the trauma you are dealing with. I will be praying God will show up in a big way for all parties involved.
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    If UT had to give up a tradition, which one?

    UT fans that show up and sit on their rear ends and hardly ever cheer and make noise for the team. Might as well stay home and watch golf .
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    104.5 the Zone in the mornings is soooo bad.

    What station does Bill King air on now? Anything would beat 104.5.
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    104.5 the Zone in the mornings is soooo bad.

    Unless you want to wallow in useless titans information 24x7 then it is awful. The individuals seem to be good guys, but their content is terrible. Ron Slay and Ramon Foster add a little UT and/or college flavor occasionally.
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    Danny White aka Magic Man

    Many promising signs that we have a competent athletic department again. Appears White & the Admin are doing a great job!
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    We were the best team in the country this year...

    We had a really good team, but we were not the best team in the country by far. We did not kick things into another gear like the great teams do in tournament time. Hopefully we'll get there.
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    '19 CA ATH/WR Horace "Bru" McCoy (Tennessee commit)

    Dude seems really mature and has his head on straight. Hope he becomes a Vol!
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    NCAAT Game Thread: Lady Vols vs Buffalo/Belmont

    Just like the rest of the season.
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    SEC Women’s Tournament 2022

    They can play hard at times, as evidenced by their comebacks late. But why do they wait until they are so far behind to put on the steam. Why not bring it the entire game. Rebounding is their best attribute, but they also miss a lot of them by simply standing flat footed and not boxing out...
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    SEC Women’s Tournament 2022

    Absolutely injuries impact a team's ability to go very far in the tournament. However, this team has such poor fundamentals and drive that it probably doesn't matter anyway. Even second and third string players should be able to put forth effort, not make lazy passes, hustle, box out for...
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    Who Are The Teams You Love To Hate? Which Teams Do You Have A Soft Spot For?

    Hate: Bama, Florida, Vandy Dislike: Georgia, Kentucky, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Miami Soft spot: usually the underdog in whoever is playing
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    Replay of Game


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