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    "Hooker's injury not long term." - CJH

    Will hooker return next season due to covid? What about Velus?
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    Barnes fires back at Pruitt allegations

    Screw Pruitt! I wouldn’t expect much less from a Gump he grew up in the days we were beating their asses
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    Neyland decibel record

    His receivers dropped several great passes. He’s a great player but a douche
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    Player Coach Behavior

    I didn’t even think of that.
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    Player Coach Behavior

    I see nothing wrong with his extinguisher. Players enjoyed it, that’s what matters. They’re buying in much like our guys are too
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    Late 80s games and projectiles

    Definitely not victims. I did some stupid **** Saturday, I was drinking, I’m having problems at home, then the game was gas in the flame for me personally. Those who acted obscene aren’t victims at all, but still I know people personally who are fans of auburn, Florida, LSU etc acting like our...
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    Late 80s games and projectiles

    People acting like what we did is the first time it’s ever happened I was there when UF fans threw piss balloons at fulmer and I’ve seen opposing fans throw corn dogs at LSU players and fans but apparently what we did makes us thugs and trash.
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    Simple way to assess the incidence of "flopping" as a strategy to delay the game - basic analytics for the Rules committee

    i was at the game. The flop where their corner went down he literally was standing getting ready to play the next play then suddenly just flailed to the ground it was hilariously blatant
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    If Hooker's injury is serious

    No clue how true it is but I’ve seen online that it’s possibly a ACL injury
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    I’m mad as hell bc our players fought hard as hell and got screwed over by corrupt refs. Then kiffin and his scumbag football team taunting and faking injuries was gasoline on the fire. I was at the game, his scumbag players were taunting our fans the entire game it was boiling from start to...
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    For the 102,405 who showed class…

    Refs screwed us, their players taunted us, they faked injuries, kiffin taunted us screw them they deserved to have **** thrown at them
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    Fracas At Neyland Makes ESPN Front Page

    Screw them and screw lane too
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    Then faking injuries made it worse
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    F these refs I’d throw more beer too if I could. Tired of this ******** always getting shafted.

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