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    The Athletic: UT basketball is legit, like the Vols freshman who just cut up Kentucky

    This freshmen class is special, maybe none more than ZZ. Was really impressed with Aidoo and Chandler's game is continuing to improve. Really enjoying watching our team and can't wait to see how they compete against Ark and Auburn in the upcoming weeks. Earlier this season I've said that I...
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    ZZ's Nickname

    I still think my original post of "Guts" describes him best.
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    Ziegler Nickname

    “Guts” This young man plays with more Guts than anyone I’ve watched in a long time and represents how we want to play. Look forward to watching him for years to come. Go Vols.
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    Protal Picks

    What's a Protal? Kidding. Wanted to be the first.
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    SEC Shorts making fun of us... again

    Each team should have a rotating cross-division schedule. Period. I would agree it sounds like "whining", but no doubt it places UT at a disadvantage against all other East teams. Though UT will probably end up in a group with Bama when the other teams join...
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    Hokies Hooked On Hooker

    That forum is terrible. Seeing something like that makes me appreciate this board even more. And though I knew that fans bashing their program is nothing new (see the last decade here) I enjoyed reading their heart break, anger, frustration and calls to fire the coach. I hope we're past...
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    Bowling Green dopplegangers

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    Why are you a Vol fan?

    Todd Kirk (Vol OL in the mid-80's) went to the same high school I attended (a few years before me). Our football team traveled to Atlanta to watch UT and Indiana play in the Peach Bowl in '87. It was my first college game and the Vol's won. He took the time and spoke to our team after the...
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    PRE-FALLCAMP 2021 Preview

    I look forward to the days that we don't lose 4-6 consecutive games. When October rolls around the losses have been stacking up. May not get past that this year, but winning a couple in that tough stretch would be huge.
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    Thank You Tim Priest!

    I’ve always enjoyed his commentary on the games along with the fun and excitement he always brought. Thank you for all you’ve done for UT sports and for the passion you brought to the booth with you for every game. Enjoy retirement and may God bless you and your family. Go Vols.
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    Mac McClung

    100% take
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    Come on Coach Barnes! Offer MaC. Young man is a player and a local product. Will put more people in seats and improve our scoring. No brainer IMO.
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    1ST Half Vols vs Bama The Good, The Bad & THE UGLY

    We HAVE to put Jones on his a$$. Gotta be more creative with the stunts and blitz packages. We’re too afraid of their pass offense (which is pretty damned good). What do we have to lose? Go Vols.
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    4-Star RB Cody Brown is a HOSS

    Travis Henry 2.0
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    Fulkerson visits Ambulance Service of Bristol for National EMS Week

    I wanted to give a big shout out to John Fulkerson for visiting with our company yesterday for National EMS Week. He came by to visit our EMS workers and to sign some autographs. He's a quality individual and I'm proud to have him representing our Vols. Below is a link to the Bristol Herald...

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