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    I had to laugh… caveat VFL

    I'm a Pennington Bobcat as well. My first UT game was TK's last game v/s Indiana in the Peach Bowl, our high school football team went. Was awesome. He came and spoke with us after the win. I've been Orange ever since.
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    If you could steal a player…

    Bowers or Washington. All day, every day.
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    Hooker 1 or 2 int's for 2022?

    I keep hearing on different podcasts that Hooker has 2 interceptions on the season. I watched a 247 video this morning that said again that he has 2 int's. Today ESPN has his stats as 2338 passing yards, 21 TD's and 1 interception. Where is the confusion? I only remember the one...
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    This Moron Keeps Voting Tennessee 6th in his AP Ballot

    "It don't make no sense that common sense don't make no sense no more." -John Prine
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    Week 8: One thread to rule them all

    What is a closet moran? That spelling is MORANIC. But I like the post.
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    Nick can afford better hair dye
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    5 will get you 6

    I thought that was the new catch phrase for Hooker - #5 will get you 6
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    Ran into JJJ and Drew Pember at Stock and Barrel

    My wife and I, with another couple, saw JJJ and Drew Pember at Stock and Barrel (fantastic place to eat) this afternoon. Being huge Vol fans we thought it was cool to see them. I didn’t want to bother them, as I assume a lot of folks do when our Vols are seen out around town. My wife stopped...
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    Middle Tennessee Vol.. cost of going to Florida game ..FYI

    If you went to any other Saturday football game, you may save $50 to $75 to watch a good football team. I've never been, but I'd guess App St or ETSU is still in excess of $50 a ticket. Food / lodging / gas / etc won't vary much. I'm guessing you've sent your disposable income to Spyre...
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    The Athletic: UT basketball is legit, like the Vols freshman who just cut up Kentucky

    This freshmen class is special, maybe none more than ZZ. Was really impressed with Aidoo and Chandler's game is continuing to improve. Really enjoying watching our team and can't wait to see how they compete against Ark and Auburn in the upcoming weeks. Earlier this season I've said that I...
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    ZZ's Nickname

    I still think my original post of "Guts" describes him best.
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    Ziegler Nickname

    “Guts” This young man plays with more Guts than anyone I’ve watched in a long time and represents how we want to play. Look forward to watching him for years to come. Go Vols.
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    Protal Picks

    What's a Protal? Kidding. Wanted to be the first.
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    SEC Shorts making fun of us... again

    Each team should have a rotating cross-division schedule. Period. I would agree it sounds like "whining", but no doubt it places UT at a disadvantage against all other East teams. Though UT will probably end up in a group with Bama when the other teams join...

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