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    Okay, it’s 8:14 am. What are the QBs doing?

    Tackling dummies for the linebackers! I've heard its is going to be an aggressive defense. Baby steps my friend baby steps
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    An Ugly List

    The math is in our favor
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    Darel Middleton to the transfer portal

    Yup truth / reality hurts sometimes but doesn’t make it any less important
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    Horrible umping

    Exactly if he had done that then it would not have even been a discussion for umpires
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    What are we ranked?

    Probably a Floridah grad
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    Is that Aaron Beasley next to Bailey???

    AJ Johnson says hello??
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    Anyone with connection to UT AD/ current vols?

    No they are brand new been sitting on shelf in BAR Barn
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    Anyone with connection to UT AD/ current vols?

    That boy needs a couple of hats I happen to have a couple extra. I live about 20 mins south of Dalton
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    Off season workout schedule

    Is that guy wearing tights or panty hose??? Not that I am checking him out it just stuck out for some reason:confused:
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    Cade Mays and Amari Rodgers

    So are we still waiting on Case or are we just going to settle for Cooper and Cade?? Inquiring minds want to know?😳 Is Kevin Case’s father also?🤔
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    Newest man cave additions

    I like it!!! Dual purpose items in Man Caves are always practical
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    CJP: "Our Fans Never Gave Up"

    Notice the look on the face of the IU fans. Priceless👍
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    VOLS fire burning bright! ....Literally

    LSD is a powerful drug
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    Will Coach Pruitt Get A Raise?

    Yeah Baby:eek:

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