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    Fracas At Neyland Makes ESPN Front Page

    I agree that Tennessee is not alone in this. But, tell me the college football games that were delayed for 20 minutes due to fan behavior and I'll hang up and listen. I've never seen it.
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    Florida vs LSU 10/16 at high noon

    After looking at the stats, did Herschel Walker regain eligibility and enter the transfer portal?
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    Florida vs LSU 10/16 at high noon

    Had to work a charity event. Didn’t see this. Don’t know how one gives up 49 to LSU
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    Tom Brady.....even better than I thought he was.

    Five games into the 2021 season..... Brady is first in the NFL in completions, attempts, passing yards and top 5 in TD passes and QB rating so far this season. He has also only thrown 2 interceptions in 225 pass attempts. He is 44 years old
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    Here's where things might get rough...

    I would pick Tennessee to beat Kentucky. Ole Miss is beatable if Tennessee continues to not make mistakes (turnovers and penalties) offensively. They've really done a good job turning that around.
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    Tennessee Vols artificial turf from 1993

    I think Dr. Loomis has one of the endzones.
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    Sorry, I just don't miss our UT football transfers.

    I'm not sure how much the transfers would have/could have effected the final win-loss record
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    Where are the gator trolls tonight?

    Some on this board called it. Dan Mullen is a good coach. Dan Mullen is going to win games and he's going to win a heck of a lot more than he loses. Is he going to get to the College Football Playoff? Is he going to win the SEC? I don't think so.
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    Off Topic: Anyone have any locks this weekend?

    I felt best about this one and this one was also a winner. Damn Oregon
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    #10 Florida Gators(3-1,1-1) vs Kentucky Wildcats(4-0,2-0) ESPN 6:00PM

    You're losing focus. Beat the A word
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    Off Topic: Anyone have any locks this weekend?

    Well, what had happened was...

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