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    Beer (and beer pics) II

    Love his beers, Jonathon himself? Not so much.
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    Your Latest Experience Dining Out

    I ate at Kayne Prime In Nashville last weekend. Most overrated overpriced meal I’ve had in my life. The wife and I shared the wagyu ribeye and it was very basic but two of the three toppings at least added some flavor. The other couple with us didn’t enjoy their steaks either. The sides were a...
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    Darrell Taylor's message to Volnation

    Which game was the original WGWTFA uttered at in pregame? I don’t remember.
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    Beer (and beer pics) II

    Anyone else in Modern Times League? Ordered while ago and excited for the Modem Tones.
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    UGA collapsing

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    '20 IL OG Javontez Spraggins (UT SIGNEE)

    This dude plays straight up nasty and mean. We needed him!
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    Beer (and beer pics) II

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    '21 TN TE Hudson Wolfe

    Does McNairy Central even have a db over 5'10"? I'm surprised they didn't go to Wolfe more often.
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    Beer (and beer pics) II

    Mikerphone is best known for Smells Like Bean Spirit which I love. I know Mile Wide from my trips to Louisville, solid, but nothing blew me away. Moksa is a very well known CA brewery. Narrow Gauge and Outer Range are both Hazy IPA breweries, amongst the best in the country, been to both...
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    Looks like beer at Neyland was a success

    Yes, this is why restaurants are one of the most stable businesses to start. Not.
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    JG is now your starting QB ... he has earned it

    Can’t really deny it. You could make the argument that he starts on snap #2 though.
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    Beer (and beer pics) II

    Where was it?
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    Beer (and beer pics) II

    Lol, dumb. It's like $17/4pk at the brewery right?
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    Beer (and beer pics) II

    Got a very worthy beer in for the ol’ kegerator. Unbelievably good stuff.

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