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    2021 Lady Vol Recruiting Thread

    Here's a little context for a team that rarely, if ever, recruits any of the top twenty high school players: NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen 2006, 2011, 2014, 2016 NCAA Tournament Second round 1990, 1992, 1996, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 NCAA Tournament...
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    glad we fired Holly for this

    I've no interest in joing the demolition derby above, but somebody might want to ponder the difference between strategy and tactics. Good coaches do both strategy and tactics well. Peace to all.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    Dawn has built a really strong program. UConn is showing the results of a couple of worse than normal recruiting years. SC should have won, and they did. Applause to Dawn and her team. I guess all of the above will solve our turnover problem, and if not... We can always misspell the UConn...
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    Game Thread: #23/25 LADY VOLS VS. #8/8 MISSISSIPPI STATE

    Stats to make one weep: LV fouls 21 LV turnovers 22 LV field goals 21
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Only 21 TOs in a 21 pt. loss. The young ladies are clearly paying lots of attention to the coaching staff. Oh!
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    Game Thread: #22/22 LADY VOLS AT #1/2 SOUTH CAROLINA

    Moral victories by TN: Fewer than 15 TOs Held SC to under 50 points In other words, SC having an off day, and we stink.
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    So, in essence you are telling us that the UConn coach did what any good coach should try to do, and that he did it very effectively. Maybe effective coaching has something to do with 12 FFs in a row? PS- He was very complimentary to Kellie in both pre- and postgame interviews.
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    Also, we held the #3 team to 60 points tonight

    As has been said often the past few days, this year's iteration of the Evil Empire is not as good as most recent versions. They depend on two freshmen and a couple of sophomores. Their bench is short. They have struggled against some less than stellar competition. And last night their two...
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    Check the box score: Fouls—Us, 16, them, 14. More of ours were shooting fouls. That doesn't show bias by the refs. The refs didn't cause our turnovers, weird substitutions, or pitiful shooting in the second half. Blame the refs if you must; fans of losing teams have been doing that for as...
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    No, it wasn't. First three quarters, UC was called for 12 fouls, LVs for 10. For the entire game, we got called for 16, UC for 14. A two foul difference against the lowest fouling team in the country? Not a difference maker.
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    Game Thread: #23/23 Lady Vols versus #3/5 UCONN

    Speaking of young teams, Griffen and Makurat are freshmen. Nelson-Ododa and C. Williams are sophs. UConn had a lousy shooting night. Sadly, we were much worse.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2019-20

    UConn has a short, but capable bench. Freshmen Makurat and Griffen would start for many top twenty-five teams.
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    Could meditation help Kasi become a more focused shooter?

    This may help explain UNC's choice of Ms. Banghart as a wbb coach. She earned her A.B. at Dartmouth in neuroscience.
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    Coach Jumper

    Coach: I respect your comments, including those I may disagree with. You—and quite a few more who post here—know more about the game than I do. I enjoy learning from those brave enough to put their knowledge on offer. As to the slings and arrows tossed in your direction, a saying of a wise...

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