Martin impressed by the leadership at Tennessee

by Matt Prehm on May 18, 2010

in Tennessee Vols Football Recruiting

Pat MartinPat Martin is one of the hardest hitting safeties in the southeast and because of his terrific ability to make plays the 5’11 200 pound safety from Greenville, SC has been considered for some time now a top 150 recruit in the ESPN database.

Martin is also has a dream of not only playing in the NFL but also working for NASA and getting out into space.

“I want to work for NASA and work on a space shuttle in space and then use the NFL as my back-up plan, and if I don’t make the NFL I know I’ll have a great degree in engineering and I will be set,” says Martin.

Althought being in a top 150 recruit is an accomplishment in it’s own right Martin isn’t satisfied.

“I keep working really hard on getting better in all areas of my game,” explained Martin.

Because of his impressive play Martin already has an offer from the Vols and has good thoughts on Tennessee.

“You know they always have good safeties and defensivebacks and when you look at the roster right now it is a lot of Juniors and sophomores and that means in a year or two I could be right there fighting for a starting spot and that really makes me think hard about the Vols,” explained Martin. “I’ve always paid attention to them and on top of that my mother likes them a lot as well so that is a good thing for Tennessee and my chances. I am going to be going up there this June for a bit so hopefully I can get a closer look at things while I am there.

The change in coaching staff is also something that didn’t hurt Tennessee’s chances but in a sense it actually improved them for Martin.

“I talked with a few people from there and they all said that when Coach Kiffin was there players and such could roam around doing anything they wanted and there was no leadership or rules,” explained Martin. “Now with Coach Dooley at Tennessee he is a strong christian man that keeps you accounted for what you do and set in some team rules that keep everyone locked down at the task at hand and that really impressed me.”

Martin has a tough choice on picking a college due to so many schools offering him already. Akransas, Duke, LSU, Tennessee, Mississippi State, UCLA, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Louisville all have offered. Cal, Oregon, and Alabama are all close to offering as well according to Martin.

“Number one thing for me is education because you are going to school to play football but the word that comes first is school,” says Martin. “Secondly I am looking for coaching stability. I don’t want to go to a school where coaches move around and leave me. Third is going to be how the coaches develop me on the field and improve my chances for the NFL but I will also equally look at how big of an impact they have on molding me into the best man I can be.”

During the summer Martin will be visiting Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Louisville, and a few team camps.

As a junior Martin recorded 112 tackles, 12 pass breakups, four forced fumbles, and two interceptions (one returned for a touchdown)

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1 MikeTheVol May 20, 2010 at 12:07 pm

Sounds like this young man of integrity and talent has his act together. If he’s as good as he sounds we need lots more like him! Mr. Martin, we’d welcome you in Knoxville!!!!

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