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"Mr. Optimistic"
Aug 23, 2013

Georgia Bulldogs (27-13, 10-8 SEC)

Projected Regional Team, Preseason - No, are they now - Yes

38 Kevin Smith LHP Georgia
45 Michael Curry C/DH Georgia

6 Cam Shepherd SS Georgia
7 Tony Locey RHP Georgia
23 Aaron Schunk 3B Georgia

17 Emerson Hancock RHP Georgia

Could this finally be the year that Georgia turns the corner? We all know how hard it is to turn the corner and make a climb in the SEC, but the Bulldogs truly do have the talent to get that done this year. But we want them to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. The big key for Georgia will be the pitching staff, which has huge potential, but needs to be much more consistent. For instance, projected No. 1 starter, lefty Kevin Smith, is a very nice prospect, sitting low-90s with a good slider and changeup combination. However, he finished last season with a 4.87 ERA in 61 innings. That simply isn't cutting it as a starter in the SEC. But again, the stuff is there, and its the job of new pitching coach Sean Kenny to press that oh so perfect button. RHP Chase Adkins is an experienced guy who can throw four pitches for strikes, while freshman righty Emerson Hancock had the coaches buzzing in the fall with his low-90s fastball and ability to throw three pitches for strikes” the fastball, a slider in the 77-80 range and a changeup in the 82-86 mph range. He's a mature guy who Kenny expects to make a quick transition. A potential weekend rotation wild card is sophomore righty Tony Locey, who can get up into the mid-90s with his fastball, along with a good curveball and changeup. However, he needs to be more consistent, as evident by his ugly six-plus ERA last season.
While the pitching staff has some question marks, the offense looks to be in good shape with the return of LJ Talley, Aaron Schunk, Cam Shepherd, Keegan McGovern, Tucker Bradley and Michael Curry. Talley showed more athleticism in the fall and has developed more power, Schunk is a good defender and run producer who actually might see time on the mound, Shepherd is a big-time prospect who has elite tools and will hit in the middle of the lineup, McGovern has a solid and consistent approach at the plate, Bradley is an athletic lead-off type of hitter who can really make things happen and Curry has big-time power and continues to improve his plate approach.

Link to Georgia's Schedule/Results, 2018 Baseball Schedule - University of Georgia

Simply reply Sweep, 2-1, 1-2 or SWEPT

Double Up if you're feeling lucky................

Rules are simple and may change without notice:

1. Simply pick how the Vols will fair during the mid-week games or weekend series
2. Reply with Sweep, 2-1, 1-2 or Swept for a weekend series or WIN or LOSE for a midweek game.
3. At the end of the season (tournaments included) a winner will be selected by their correct predictions and awarded a special prize on behalf of OldTimer and not to exceed $10,000 in value
4. All predictions must be submitted by the 1st pitch of the 1st Game, any edits after the start of the game will result in a disqualification for that Series or Game
5. You do not have to play every week, total points won will win
6. Point system may be changed at my discretion at any time
7. Weather will be an issue, I'll post any instructions regarding weather prior to each game, check back often if inclement weather is in play
8. More rules may be added at my discretion
9. No wagering, 2018 Pick'em is for the enjoyment of the Volnation forums.
10. Disputes will be handled by a 3 person panel: Me, Myself and I

Again, if there is an EDIT after the game starts on your post, your prediction doesn't count....

Point System
Weekend Series
3 Points awarded if you correctly pick 2-1, 1-2 or 1-1 for a rained shortened series. No points awarded for a 1 game weekend series
1 Point awarded if you pick 2-1 and the Vols Sweep
6 Points awarded if you correctly pick a Sweep or Swept, doesn't matter if we only get in 2 games due to weather

Midweek Games
2 points for correctly picking the winner
games will be handicapped

Double Up
Double your point value if correct however the original point value is subtracted if your prediction is wrong. Example, you pick the Vols to go 1-2 and you Double Up, if they go 1-2 you will receive 6 points however if your pick is wrong you receive -3.

Pick with your gut and not your heart!!! - OT

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