jim pique

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Jan 3, 2008
For those, as I have been,an ESPN insider for the last 7 or 8 years,there is zero reason to pay atm to virtually anything they say.They have gone from every sports programming network to a TMZ,ET type expose/exploit type of station where only the enamel or salacious rumor matters.Michael Smith asked Jaime Foxx of he and Katie Holmes played basketball on Valentine's day.Who the hel* cares.This "network"let go many very good sports reporters to keep or hire national enquirer,star reporters.I recently called them and cancelled my subscription with over a year left.I was asked why,and replied "just read your tripe and the answer will appear.Those on volnation who have said that espn hates us,you are right!We go to sports websites to hear about sports,not fluff.To those who bother to reach his rambling of mine,I don't care to read Georgia biased drivel from Mark Schlabaugh(misspelled) about any of his "thoughts".I love the talk here on volnation and how Freak handles the site.All I want is for Tennessee to kick butt in every sport.Thanks for letting me vent.

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