Can we now rename 'fast and furious?'



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Aug 22, 2008
How about 'slow and dubious?'

‘Fast & Furious’ scandal deepens--Michael A. Walsh -

Marisela Morales, the Mexican attorney general,
estimates that at least 200 Mexicans have been
killed with Fast and Furious weapons -- among
them, a powerful Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle
that took down a federal helicopter. Morales,
who calls the program a “betrayal” of her country,
told the Los Angeles Times that she first learned
about Fast and Furious from news reports, and
that US officials still haven’t briefed their Mexican
counterparts on it.

She shouldn’t feel lonely: The administration has
been notably unforthcoming to everybody on this
one. Eric Holder’s Justice has engaged in a rear
guard battle against Issa’s committee -- turning
over subpoenaed documents only slowly and heavily
redacted, making witnesses unavailable and transferring
or retiring implicated officials such as former ATF head
Kenneth Melson. Issa has publicly accused Holder & Co.
of “gaming” congressional investigators.

In addition to the ATF and the FBI, other agencies
already implicated include the Drug Enforcement
Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement
and the IRS. Other tidbits suggest involvement by
higher-ups at the Department of Homeland Security
and the White House itself.
Wonder how this will play to the Latino vote??

Then while Holder was running this 'felony stupid'
program, Hitlery of at state was running another
equally stupid program.

Source claims ATF's Tampa SAC walked guns to Honduras - National gun rights |

"This is confirmed as accurate," the correspondence
continued. "There are emails in existence where
O’Brien has advised those involved that Tampa does
not have to report their walked guns because Tampa
FD is not a part of Southwest Border or Project

"From a first person source she is sh*tting herself
trying to cover it up," the report stated.

No one from ATF is available at this late hour to
approach for comment. This information has also
reportedly been disclosed to Chairman Darrell Issa
of the House Committee on Oversight and Government
Reform and Ranking Senate Judiciary Committee
Member Charles Grassley for follow-up and investigation.


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Oct 3, 2007
A Codrea/Vanderboegh Exclusive: "ATF Counsel email to Melson on Gunwalker-Terry murder link preceded intimidation."

My note: The block quotes below were from a January 5 2011 email to Kenneth Melson, acting ATF director, from Stephen R. Rubenstein, Chief Counsel, ATF. This indicates the cover-up of the Terry murder was already well underway just days thereafter.

“The disclosure of this information has a potential deleterious effect on ATF's undercover operations,” Rubenstien continued. “In that regard, suspects may alter their behavior if they know that law enforcement is allowing certain firearms to 'walk' into Mexico. In addition, public knowledge of this type of operation potentially places informants and undercover agents in jeopardy. Finally, public disclosure of such information could ATF's working relationship with Mexico.”
Examined objectively, Rubenstein admitted guns were purposely allowed to walk, that walking guns to a foreign country must be hidden from the public, and that if the Mexicans found out about it, cooperative law enforcement efforts would be jeopardized.

“If ‘1desertrat’ is an ATF employee,” Rubenstein advised, “then he/she is subject to our Orders and Standards of Conduct.”
Examined objectively, Rubenstein admitted "1desertrat's" allegations were true, otherwise, there could be no disclosure of official information, nor jeopardizing of operations, personnel or relationships.


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Aug 22, 2008

Guide to latest media fast and furious articles.

A Journalist's Guide to 'Project Gunwalker'-Part Six - National gun rights |

This is part six of six lists.

One may note that what some call the 'main stream media'
and I call the 'lame stream media', ie; TV outlests ABC, CBS,
CNN, NBC and FOX, along with big print outfits such as the
NY Slimes, LA Slimes, Chicago Tribune, and the 800 lb gorilla,
of national print media, the Gannet Corp and USA Today are
mostly absent.

The NY Slimes did do a character assassination piece on
Issa which had no content other than class envy. (Issa
is the son of penniless immigrants who has done well and
done it right.)

The LA Slimes did a piece that protrayed the administration
innocent of what they were attempting, 'an oblique attack
on American 2nd Amendment rights', that slanted toward
government ineptness.

The LA paper couldn't really avoid doing something because
of their large Latino readership is outraged that their families
back home have been put in jeopardy and some killed by the
reckless actions and ambitions of this administration.

I use the word 'administration' loosely, it would be better
described as a 'criminally corrupt regime.'


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Aug 22, 2008
Rep. Issa chooses bloggers to replace “legacy media” in Fast and Furious reporting Coach is Right

The “Gunwalking” Operation Fast and Furious represents
the most egregious abuse of Executive branch authority
and disregard for the rights and security of the American
public since the days of the power hungry Roosevelt

Yet in the 9 months since the murder of Border Patrol
agent Brian Terry last December, the New York Times
has published only 5 stories dealing even remotely with
the roles of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,
the FBI or the Department of Justice in this criminal affair.

CBS News has relegated its coverage to the web. And
neither NBC nor MSNBC have reported on Fast and Furious
at all.

So on September 20th, Congressman Issa hosted a telephone
conference call with bloggers and those members of the “new
media” who have written extensively on the “Gunwalking” story
since its inception.

Issa told the on-line reporters that his House Oversight
and Government Reform Committee continues to investigate
a range of Fast and Furious related subjects, including
allegations of Gunwalking to Honduras from the Tampa ATF
office; Gunwalking by the Indiana ATF; Administration
violations of the Federal Arms Export Control Act and the
involvement of numerous Executive branch agencies in the
Fast and Furious affair.

In fact, the testimony of whistle blowers indicates the
FBI might have been more critically involved in facilitating
the Fast and Furious scheme than the ATF itself!

And just a week ago, FOX News reported that a 3rd gun
had been secretly removed from the scene of Brian Terry’s
murder, also probably by the FBI, which then quickly and
inexplicably deported 3 Mexican drug gang members, also
discovered nearby.

Yet other members of the legacy media have
almost completely ignored these stories.

But as David Codrea of the Gun Rights Examiner puts it,
thanks to Darrell Issa, “if elite media ‘authorized journalists’
can’t be trusted to report on [Fast and Furious], a means
now exists to bypass the former exclusive gatekeepers and
get the word out. This will hasten their descent into irrelevance…”

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