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Originally Posted by 1972 Grad View Post
I had the privilege of meeting Doug Atkins, and riding in a beer distributor's car with him to a game at Neyland several years ago. Big Doug was a good friend of my friend, now deceased. Doug was in a word, HUGE. At that time, he really didn't have a great deal of money, because the players in those days didn't get rich. He drove a small older Mercury Capri and had the seat slid all the way back, and also reclined way back so he could fit in the car. He practically laid in his front seat.

I haven't seen him since, but did spend a good deal of time with him that day, and heard some great stories of his time with the Bears and Saints. Doug had a great sense of humor, even though he appeared to be in a lot of pain from his knees. He let me try on his Championship Ring, which was a size 18. I was able to put it over 2 of my fingers. There are 2 men who I shook hands with that I was amazed at the size of their hands . Doug Atkins and Big John Tate.
Thanks for the reply. I do believe you; I just find it odd that there is no record on the internet about the death of an NFL hall of famer, even on the HOF website itself which is usually very reliable about such matters.
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