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Originally Posted by Jax_Vol View Post
Doug Atkins is still alive. He is 82 years old. General Neylands final year of coaching was 1952. So that was sixty years ago. Therefore most of those players from that final team would be between the ages of 78-83ish. So, I am quite confident that there are at least 15-20 players alive from that final team.
Hank Lauricells is still alive (Hank Lauricella - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), as is Jim Haslam (Jim Haslam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). Andy Kozar, on the other hand, passed away in 2010 (Vols Legend Kozar Dies in Knoxville - UTSPORTS.COM - University of Tennessee Athletics). Here is a photo of four of the surviving members of the '51 national championship team as of 10/13/2011 (Tennessee's 1951 National Championship football team : Knoxville Photo Galleries : University of Tennessee sports news from The Knoxville News Sentinel).
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