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Originally Posted by Lexvol View Post
Very good advice on the clubs. Make sure you pay a little extra for cavity backs. I think that King Cobra has the best irons out there FOR THE PRICE. I gave a set away when I got my Taylor Made bubble shafts, and I still miss them. Invest in clubs and go to the driving range often. It is really the only way to get better.

LG, at least let me hit two balls off the first tee. That is all that I ask.

I agree except that if you are a true beginner, go cheap for now and work on your swing. Equipment makes a difference, but not if you can't hit the ball to begin with.

And Lex, the answer is no. I repeat: Mulligans are for losers. Don't be a loser, never take a mulligan.

If you don't get there early enough to hit a few on the range before the first tee, tough nuggies. Get your azz there earlier next time.
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