Catching up with Tacoi Sumler

by Matt Prehm on May 19, 2010

in Tennessee Vols Football Recruiting

Tacoi Sumler has become a wanted man that every college up and down the east coast and now across the nation are wanting.

“I have so many schools calling me I just don’t remember them all to be honest, I am sure if I made a list I would forget some,” admitted a very thankful Sumler.

Sumler (Miami, FL/ Columbus HS) would later list off Clemson, Florida State, Auburn, Duke, Louisville, Oregon, Purdue, Rutgers, South Carolina, South Florida, UCF, FIU, Wake Forest, Stanford, Cal, and Tennessee as just some of the colleges all across the nation that want him to take his speed and ability to score in a blink of an eye to their school.

As a junior at Gulliger Prep in Miami Sumler Sumler did everything in terms of offense and colleges are looking for him to do the same.

Sumler is currently practicing in his high school’s spring practice and has had an attitude of getting better the best he can.

“Ya we actually have our spring game coming up shortly and I think I’ve been working a lot of extra work and such,” says Sumler. “I’ve been working really hard on getting better at blocking on the line and away from the play and keep getting better. A lot of coaches have asked me to get better at blocking and to show them I have the heart to do that. I actually just went out to the park with my dad to work on that area as well.”

Sumler has already been busy this summer.

“I’ve visted Florida State, Clemson, FIU, UCF, and South Carolina and while I visited those schools as well as the other ones I am looking at all have their own positives and negatives and I am just sorting those out,” says Sumler.

Sumler currently doesn’t have any plans for visits this summer but things could be in the works.

“Right now my Father and I are going to sit down soon and discuss about our options of visiting schools,” says Sumler. “I want to try and get out to the west coast and make a swing up that coast and see all the big schools out there. You know Cal, Oregon, UCLA, USC, and all that.”

Two schools who have offered Sumler are Vanderbilty and Duke and while they might not be power house programs in college football they are a statement that Sumler’s grades are in order.

“My GPA right now is a 3.45 and I took the SAT May 1st but I am still waiting for those results,” says Sumler.

“Education will be my first area of concern when picking a school because that is why I am going to school,” says Sumler. “I want to major in business or sports management and see what I can do with that degree after college. I am also going to look at the depth chart because I want to go somewhere that gives me a chance to make an impact as a freshman. Now I am not saying I want to start or anything I just want to go somewhere that allows me a chance to prove myself on the field and if I am good enough I will be able to help the team in any way possible.”

“Tennessee actually has some new coaches up there and to be honest they have really surprised me with all the attention they are giving me,” said Sumler. “I recently got a packet of letters from the entire coaching staff and it was all hand written and not from a computer and that got my eye alot. They also have a lot of good players and some of the best fans while having a top program. It’s a school I will consider.”

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