Former Vol Charles Davis understands football in the South

It was previsously announced that former Vol Charles Davis will team up with Gus Johnson to form the college football broadcasting duo for FOXSports this fall.

Davis, who racked up 234 tackles and 13 interceptions as a four-year starter at defensive back for the Vols from 1983 until 1986, is a proven professional in the business and continually receives accolades for his broadcast work. But unlike some in the national media, Davis understands the importance of college football in the South.

“It’s a different mind-set in the South,” Davis told Lisa Horne of Fox. “In a lot of ways, football is how they define themselves. Football is what helped move the South up in terms of how people view the South. It’s like, ‘Hey, you may think we’re a bunch of hicks, and we’re this and that and everything, but we just kicked your behind out there.’”

“Football is what we see, what we think about, what we live and breathe, and it’s just different,” Davis said. ‘In the South, you’re defined as who’s your school, and if you’re and SEC person, that comes in right behind it. There’s a saying in the South: God, family, football. Andy on Saturdays, (that) order might get changed.”

When asked to comment on why Lane Kiffin has taken a verbal beat down from fans in Knoxville while Bruce Pearl hasn’t, Davis explained that Tennessee views itself as a destination job, not a stepping stone to another program.

“Tennessee doesn’t concede to anyone,” Davis insisted. “We’re Tennessee. When you come to Tennessee, you’re gonna stay awhile. Unless we run you out.”

Kiffin left for what he considered to be a better job. Pearl was forced out because of mistakes he made.

Look for Charles Davis this fall on FOXSports.

8 responses to “Former Vol Charles Davis understands football in the South”

  1. Good call by Davis. He hit the Kiffin nail on the head. Or rather, I would just as well be satisfied with seeing him hit Kiffin in the head…

  2. Does this mean he is or is not interested in AD position? I think he would be a great hire!

  3. volnpowell:
    Does this mean he is or is not interested in AD position? I think he would be a great hire!

    I really like Charles Davis, but I’m pretty sure Tennessee is looking to hire someone a bit more experienced and proven as its next AD.

  4. Charles Davis would be the perfect AD. He won’t leave his cushy tv job & home in Orlando for Rocky Top, though.

  5. I was trying to get an email address for ESPN. On their website I found a website and logged in on it; it turned out to be this one! I have no idea why. I have no concerns with this website and ask that my name be removed. Thank you for your time.