Lane Kiffin: Tennessee Press Conference

It’s official. In a 2pm press conference this afternoon, Mike Hamilton introduced Lane Kiffin as Tennessee’s 21st head football coach.

Here are a few points that caught my attention:

I was a little surprised that Kiffin was so nervous. He was fidgeting with his hands and swaying back and forth like he was slow dancing. He was much better as things went along and he was able to finish strong, but clearly nerves were a factor early on.

Kiffin reached out to Coach Fulmer as could be expected from any new coach. I thought he handled discussion of Fulmer with a lot of class. It’s clear Kiffin respects what Fulmer accomplished at Tennessee.

Kiffin understands the importance of recruiting. He realizes that Tennessee need’s to recruit nationally and get great players but must also put a fence around the state to keep top talent. He advised everyone of his plan to hop on a plane this afternoon to Memphis to see the #1 recruit in the state (Marlon Brown).

He asked the fans to be patient with the naming of his staff.  He assured that fans will be very happy when it’s all said and done but must be patient due to some contractual obligations.

Coach Kiffin said he was very accepting of Tennessee traditions such as the Vol walk, running through the T, and singing Rocky Top all night long after we beat Florida next year. (Well, at least he has a good sense of humor)

There are no starters at this point. Neither recruiting stars or on the field stats matter at this point. Everyone is going to have to work for their position. Could we see “Competition Tuesday’s“? (thanks droski for the link)

Unless he hires an offensive coordinator that he really trusts, Coach Kiffin will be calling his own plays next season.

He isn’t sure how many times we will run the ball versus how many times we will throw the ball but is sure that Tennessee will be physical. If players aren’t physical, they won’t play.

David Reaves from South Carolina (Kiffin’s brother-in-law) is the only assistant that has been named so far.

Latrell Scott, Stan Drayton, Jason Michael, and Greg Adkins have been retained for further evaluation.

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