FreakNotes: Offense play by play; Athlon Poll; Shaq Wiggins; Tony Robinson

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September 13, Wednesday

  • I hope everyone is having a great Wednesday. We’re a mere three days from Tennessee and Florida matching up in the Swamp. The winner has an early advantage in the SEC East. Anyone here planning to make the trip to Gainesville for the game? Let me know in the comments below.
  • The main focus of today’s FreakNotes is the play by play video. It’s the way I enjoy watching and re-watching the offense each week, even though it takes a bit of time to create. In watching this video, did you notice anything you didn’t see during the game?

  • In Butch’s injury update today, he said Austin Smith, Baylen Buchanan and Eli Wolf are out. Evan Berry is questionable.
  • Tennessee defensive back commit Brandon Cross says he’ll be at the game in Gainesville this weekend.
  • I always like and agree when I hear that John Kelly runs angry (angrily). I think this stat pretty supports that description of Kelly: Tennessee RB John Kelly has picked up 47% of his rushing yards after contact this season
  • Tennessee is No. 18 in Athlon’s latest poll. “A season-ending injury to¬†receiver Jauan Jennings for the year is a big loss for Tennessee. However, sophomores Marquez Callaway and Brandon Johnson, along with freshman Josh Palmer are a trio of promising options for coach Butch Jones.”
  • He’s been injured and we haven’t seen much of him to this point, but don’t write off Shaq Wiggins just yet. John Brice wrote, “Am told Shaq Wiggins is ready to fight for his spot in #Vols secondary”
  • Who was lucky enough to watch ESPN’s 30 for 30 last night, which included former Vol quarterback Tony Robinson? I missed it, unfortunately, but hopefully I can catch it on WatchESPN this week.
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8 responses to “FreakNotes: Offense play by play; Athlon Poll; Shaq Wiggins; Tony Robinson”

    • That’ll be the best position that we’ve been in for several years now, if true.

    • Not sure I agree that the OL has been “ordinary”. The QB has been almost untouched all season. Trey Smith had a few bad snaps but that’s about it. Our QB hasn’t had to run for his life like in previous years with a pocket passer.

      Obviously with QD we don’t have a true Dual threat like Dobbs. So the defense can pin their ears back more and come after QB. I haven’t seen too much pressure from the defense thus far. I guess we will see this weekend how much the lack of a dual threat will hurt us. The pass rush from FL will be better than what we have seen thus far. But until somebody puts him on the ground a lot I will say OL has been playing very well.

  1. Saw the portion of that 30:30 special last night in a restaurant in Anniston, AL. Couldn’t hear it, but the theme was about the strike year in the NFL back in the 80s. They had TR on there quiet a bit, showed some of his highlights, and compared his impact to Bo Jackson who was his SEC contemporary.

  2. I will be at the game! I will be on the Gator side in section 16. I usually sit in the West stands because as the sun sets, it gets shade. I’m a Florida native so I know how brutal the sun and humidity is here. Self protection! My son in law, an avid Gator fan, thinks Florida still has no answer at quarterback and laments that every one else seems to figure out how to find one but the Gators. I am looking forward to it. I haven’t witnessed a Vol victory at the Swamp since November of 2001.

  3. Just noticed we threw a fade in the endzone with a minute left in the game up by 28.

    NOT necessary.

  4. I’m in Florida.
    Drove by Ben Hill Griffin last night.
    Very little damage in this area.
    Some power outages and downed palm trees.
    Plenty of gas at gas stations between Atlanta (my home) and Gainesville.
    I listened to Gainesville sports radio.
    Very disappointed and pessimistic fan base.
    They hate their Off Coord.
    They expect small crowd.
    Many that live far away won’t travel because of Irma and big loss to Mich.
    There should be very cheap tix for sale in front of stadium.